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Rid head lice with Controlice®

The cameras are out and the face paint has been applied, so bring on the end of year concerts and festivities. When you dream about being a parent, one of the most loved visions has to be sitting in a crowd of parents watching their child take to the stage in their first school concert. The pride, the tears and those precious off-key, out-of-sync musical routines captured on video to cherish forever.

In reality, you will most likely also have to deal with stage fright, costume malfunctions and mid-concert toilet breaks. But you don’t have to add your child getting head lice and missing the memories to the list. Here’s how to tackle head lice and how to make sure your family is protected against those nasty nits.

School plays and year end festivities

Rid head lice with Controlice®

How cute does my little elephant Paige look in her outfit! She was so brave on stage in her previous school concert and kept her cool when her trunk kept falling down in front of her face. My fierce Ethan was less impressed with standing in front of a crowd and instead chose to snuggle in mommy’s lap and watch the show. Despite how cute their costumes are, sharing clothes, hats and even elephant trunks, helps to spread head lice.

Usually, but not always, head lice infest the hair of pre-schoolers and primary school children, because infestation is mainly spread from direct hair-to-hair contact which easily happens when younger children play. Nits can be passed around the class easily during costume changes, concert practices and shared brushes during dress and make-up.

Rid head lice with Controlice®

It is important to note that head lice are not a sign of bad hygiene – anyone can get head lice if they are exposed to them. The good news is that there are ways to guard against and deter these little pests. Here’s how to win against head lice.

What to look for

  • Head lice are clear in colour and only about the size of a pin head.
  • They live only on the human scalp and lay nits (eggs) on strands of hair.
  • Their nits are about two thirds smaller. Live unhatched nits are opaque in colour and usually found 1.5 cm from the scalp. Hatched, empty nit shells are usually further up the hair shaft.
  • They cannot fly or jump but they are terrific runners and can hide.
  • Itching is one of the first tell-tale signs. If your child’s scalp is frequently itchy, then running a Controlice lice comb through the hair can help in the detection process. A magnifying glass supplied with the comb makes this easier.
  • Read my blog post on the ABC of lice to become an expert http://www.themommycity.co.za/abc-lice/

Check for lice

  • It is possible to have head lice without symptoms, so it is important to check your child’s hair frequently.
  • Separate hair into sections and comb it through onto a white paper towel to show up lice and nits.
  • Particularly look around the ear and neck hairline areas.
  • Inspect other family members too – adults can catch them!

Rid head lice with Controlice®

Take effective action

  • Whether you find one nit or many, don’t wait! Start head lice treatment immediately.
  • Let your little ones watch or listen to their favourite shows while head lice inspections or treatment are under way.
  • Bring out the big guns: Apply Controlice® Oil Spray or Controlice® Head Rinse to the hair following instructions on the pack.
  • Run the Controlice® Lice Buster or Controlice® Lice Comb through the hair to detach the lice and nits.
  • Do it all again seven days later to break the head lice life cycle.
  • And to deter them from coming back, Controlice® Defence Shampoo and Controlice® Defence Spray are safe for the whole family to use each day.

*For a diagnosis or if symptoms persist, consult a medical practitioner. Efficacy of support may vary between users. This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.

Visit www.controlice.co.za for more information.

Now that you are all ready for your little one to shine in their end of year activities, let the show begin!

Rid head lice with Controlice®


This is a sponsored post. Product information and images supplied by Controlice®. Family images my own.

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