PLAYThere are such gorgeous toys out there for kiddies, and I do enjoy playing with a lot of them myself. Our grannies have kept many of our old toys, like this Shape-O-Toy, which Paige and Ethan now play with. There are also a lot of rubbish toys out there which you shouldn’t waste your money on. If you are unsure of what toys your child should be playing with, check out Mysmartkid as they select age-appropriate and educational toys for your child as part of their subscription programme. I show you how to put together your own activity folder, so you will always have something to do. One day when your kids are grown up, you will be able to pass on your activity folder to another mom who will find it a life saver. Water colouring books are a great (almost) mess free activity for out and about, and I like flash cards for reinforcing learning. A nice toy to add to a baby shower gift is the OBall and for older children who like hammers and construction, the Stumped wooden blocks will keep them busy for ages.


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    1. We used to have the sand you buy at BabyCity and Toys r Us but have recently moved house and got new silica sand from the Starke Ayres garden centre. So much nicer – so ask your local garden centre/nursery which sand they stock.

  1. I don t have a comment but I am urgently looking for Baby harness for twin boys 3years and six months old we cannot go for walks as they run off in different directions please help where can I buy these

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