Organised Parent's Guide by The Mommy CityMost times my home is in a state of chaos, with toys and juice bottles everywhere, and somehow there is always a pile of dishes to do even though I’m always washing-up. It has taken time, and a second child, to learn to relax about the mess and just go with the flow. I’m usually very tidy and organised, whilst my husband is the complete opposite, and my kids … well they are kids, so I’m outnumbered. I find I think better when I’m organised as it helps to clear my cluttered thoughts and here are a few posts about how I stay prepared even in the family chaos:

  • Free printables: Family medical info form for emergencies and regular doctor appointments. Store all your important documents safely in a family folder and use my information sheet to keep a summary of policies and identity numbers.
  • Apps: Calpol Moms Helping Hand app includes a dosage tracker, immunisation schedule and ER finder.
  • Baby bag: sew a first aid kit roll up for on the go.
  • Memories: an easy scrapbook project for storing birthday and congratulations cards.
  • Back to school: Stickers and iron labels for school items by Creative Labels.


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