Homemade Parent's Guide - The Mommy CityMy family has always enjoyed crafts and never been afraid of a DIY project, and it really is rewarding making something yourself. My mom always sewed for us, and though I never had much patience for it as a teenager, I have enjoyed learning to sew since having my own kids. Here are some of the projects I have made and please follow me on Pinterest for more sewing ideas.

  • For baby: the buckle taglet will improve your child’s fine motor skill and keep them busy
  • For the baby bag: keep essential first aid supplies in this roll up wrap kit
  • For the bed: teach your kids to make their bed and pack away their pajamas with these pajama eaters
  • For supplies: purchase fabric online at Sew Love Fabric and ready made craft kits from Peg & Thread
  • For charity: in aid of The Sunflower Fund, I got creative with their bandanas and made bibs and dummy clips, an apron and pants
  • For patterns: Sew Useful by Debbie Shore has storage solutions for the home

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