We all get run down sometimes. Being a parent is exhausting and we are often more focused on our children’s health than our own. My husband was particularly hard hit by the winter bug and he was man down for quite some time.

Just like many dads (and moms), he is under a great deal of stress at work, has little time for exercise and relaxation, and hasn’t had a good night of sleep for over 3 years with two toddlers in the house.


Eventually your body forces you to take a break so you can start appreciating yourself, instead of taking your health for granted. Sickness also adds to your stress and puts added pressure on your family. My husband needed a boost so when I was offered to do a post for Juniva, I chose vitamins from The Real Thing range specific to his current needs.

Ecklonia Cava Extract

Antioxidants help repair and prevent damage to your body’s tissues, and Ecklonia Cava Extract is an organic ocean algae that works throughout the body.

This super-antioxidant complex assists with circulation, pain control, metabolism, sexual performance, hair-loss, memory and allergies.


My husband also suffers from back and joint pain and The Real Thing Anti-X is an all-natural and side effect free antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is found to reduce pain and inflammation, improves joint mobility, increases strength and endurance, and anti-sunburn by combating inflammation caused by UV light. Each tin contains a month’s supply and since the range is all-natural, it is safe for pregnant women and children.

Buying the vitamins is the easy part, reminding my husband to take them is a little more difficult. I don’t want to nag him and he’s the one who has to be responsible for his own health, so it’s up to him to take them.

Friendly reminders

I do have some easy suggestions though on how to get your family to take their vitamins:

  • Keep your vitamins visible. Leave them on your kitchen counter, next to your cereal or kettle so you will see them at least once in the day.
  • Take them to work. Keep your vitamins on your desk and enjoy a 5 minute break to fetch a glass of water and take your pills. On the way back to your desk why not do a few lunges to make your co-workers giggle – laughter is the best medicine.
  • Repeat & Save your vitamin order with juniva.com so you never run out and receive discounted prices.
  • Set a reminder on your cellphone.
  • And if all else fails, get someone to nag you to do it.


Vitamins supplied by Juniva for review purposes. Images my own.

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