Prima Toys review by The Mommy CityWhen you have two kids who are at a similar age and play together all the time, it helps to have two of everything. Yes, I would love for them to learn how to share, but they are toddlers after all so I can only ask so much until play time turns into tears.

Prima Toys

When Prima Toys asked what toys the kids would like, I knew exactly what they would want as they had similar toys they already loved to play with, but now they could both have one.

There was still some lively debate between them as to who gets to play first with their new toys, and the cash register was a favourite and kept them busy for hours (which made mommy and daddy especially happy).

Little Tikes Xylophone

Little Tikes Xylophone review by The Mommy CityI come from a musical family, so it’s wonderful to see that Paige and Ethan love music too. The xylophone is a must for noisy music time and even though I can embrace the discordant sounds of a two-year old musician, my husband not so much.

So when he’s away, out rolls the colourful Little Tikes Xylophone and music is made. I’m not allowed to sing though, as Ethan puts a stop to that immediately. He really isn’t a fan of my singing voice, which I didn’t think was that bad?

What’s nice about this toy is that it has wheels, the plastic mallet is attached and clips away when not in use. There are 4 play along nursery rhymes which are cut out from the packaging, which gives parents a few tunes to teach the kids.

LeapFrog Chat & Count

Leapfrog Chat and Count Phone review by The Mommy CityPaige already had a LeapFrog Chat & Count in pink, so it was only fair that Ethan got his own in white. The phone has two volume levels, large press buttons and screen.

The phone talks and Scout/Violet the dog runs across the screen and you get to count along with him/her. It’s a good phone from 18 months+ and don’t forget to put their names on it as they will want to take this on outings like mom and dad.

It won’t beat playing with mom’s real iPhone, but it is cheaper to replace when it’s thrown in a toilet.

Little Tikes Cash Register

Little Tikes Cash Register review by The Mommy CityThe Little Tikes Cash Register was a hit with the kids, and they really liked being able to swipe the card across to bank the coins in the till. The coins can be inserted in the top and run down to the side or in the colour coded front panel which drops into the till.

The top yellow counter can be tapped to change the amount owed and the side lever pulls down to open the till. This is great for playing shop and a nice idea is to buy orange, yellow and purple stickers to put on items to ‘buy’ so can learn how to count their money.

Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Birds

Little Live Pets review by The Mommy CitySince we won’t be getting the kids a real life bird, Little Live Pets is the next best thing, well at least Paige and Ethan think so. This little bird sings when you stroke it’s back and you can also record a few words for it to sing back at you.

I had recorded ‘I love Paige’ and I love Ethan’ and it was amusing watching the kids walking around mimicing the bird. Since we needed two birds, we bought a white bird for Ethan, which in hindsight was the worst colour to get a two year old boy.

Anyway, the now greyish white and blue birds live in their cage on the fridge and come out to play on supervision. This is more because we don’t want Ethan to break them, but it actually teaches them to be gentle with the birds, and they need to be cared for. It’s sweet to watch.


These toys are available at most large retailers and toy stores.


The toys were sent by Prima Toys for review purposes. Images my own.

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