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Once upon a time, I could go on holiday with only a backpack and a camera. I look back fondly at when my husband and I travelled Italy, only booking our next train and accommodation when we felt like moving on to the next town.

We managed to travel to a few countries whilst living in London for three years, and even chose to fly to Kenya for our honeymoon, as we missed Africa. (Yes, that is me below, pre-kids with a pixie cut and aviators!)

We only had to worry about the two of us, and how quickly we could jump on the next flight away. Then two became four, when we had our children, and it seemed like it was endless packing and organising, even for one night away. Well, at least at first.

Travel Africa with your kidsTravelling with kids

Moving a baby from one location to another, seems a mammoth task as a new mom. You pack the whole nursery in your luggage, and end up unpacking it again, only having used half of it. I soon discovered, however, that travelling with my children doesn’t need to be that stressful.

Yes, there are a few non-negotiable items, but in fact they do pack light and only need their favourite toy to keep them happy. And if I do forget anything, I can always buy another one on the road, it’s not worth panicking about.

This is probably the easiest time to travel with my kids, whilst they are still young, and have few school and sport commitments. They are open to adventure, and I want to explore and show them different places and meet new people.

Travelstart Africa quiz

Travel Quiz

If you are looking for an African adventure for your family, Travelstart have a fun quiz for you to do. Simply click which is your favourite option from 6 photo categories and get to see which African country you secretly want to explore.

My answer was spot on – Botswana – though it’s not that much of a secret. It’s on my wish list of travel locations, and one day I will go with my family. So, what location did you get? Please let me know in the comments below.

Which African country do you secretly want to explore?

Travelstart Africa quiz

Crossing the border

I mentioned that there were some non-negotiable items when travelling with your kids, especially around Africa. Here’s what you must pack:

  • Passports: leave enough time for Home Affairs to process the children’s passports before travelling.
  • Unabridged birth certificates. You need to provide a birth certificate with the names of both parents. If you plan on crossing the border with only one parent, you need to provide an affidavit giving permission from the other parent.
  • Immunisations. Speak to your clinic nurse about what vaccinations/medications are required for your travel.

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