Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

An exciting press drop arrived for Paige and Ethan with the latest new brand from Mattel South Africa, Enchantimals™. Let’s peak inside the box to see this new range of whimsical characters and animal besties.


Enchantimals dolls by MattelThe Enchantimals dolls are a group of lovable characters (who are half animal) who have a special bond with their animal best friends. Each character is complete with her animal sidekick with whom she shares an unbreakable bond of friendship. These pairs of animal besties use their abilities and compassion to maintain balance, peace and harmony amongst all living things. Fans will have fun discovering new characters and collecting them all.

Enchantimals dolls by MattelThe Enchantimals dolls inspire stories of friendship, empathy and compassion towards all living things. The characters and stories come to life through a variety of short-form YouTube content and a 60-minute movie on Nick Toon.

Some Enchantimals characters

Sage Skunk™ & Caper™


Enchantimals dolls by MattelSage has a mind as quick as her feet and she’s a great problem solver. When Sage and Caper aren’t working on a new song together, they’re usually planning some elaborately clever prank.

Lorna Lamb™ & Flag™

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

The six-inch doll comes with Flag™, her white sheep friend — so cute with a “woolly” patch of white hair and flowers decorating her head! Lorna Lamb™ doll wears a colorful outfit that matches her sporty personality.

Karina Koala™ & Dab™

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

Karina wears a colorful outfit that matches her affectionate personality: it has a removable skirt that has a floral print and furry trim. Just look at those shoes! Dab holds a dynamic pose, wears a cute expression and has a “furry” patch of hair and matching yellow flower on her ear to showcase her personality.

Merit Monkey™ & Compass™

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

Merit and Compass, her monkey friend, have a fruit cart with treats to feed their forest friends. It’s ready to roll with two bright yellow wheels, a pink push handle, shelves and a hook to display the fruity treats.

In addition to the above core characters, there are many more to collect to play out your Enchantimal stories.


Enchantimals product ranges from RRP R129.99 – RRP R719.99 and available at South African retailers nationwide. Follow along on the Enchantimals journey on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


Product supplied for review purposes. Information supplied by Mattel. Images my own.

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