Elf for Christmas

When is the best time to decorate the Christmas tree and hang the lights? Every family has it’s own tradition, and in our house the festivities begin when Elf for Christmas comes to visit. From 1 December, this cute, mischievous and friendly Elf shares stories from the North Pole, checks up on the kids to see if they are being good for Santa, and has some fun doing it. How does she get to our house, you ask? Well, through her Elf door of course.

Elf for Christmas

Elf for Christmas

Last year Elf for Christmas first arrived at our house with letters, stickers and festive activities to delight the kids. You can read my previous blog post to find out how Elf came to South Africa.

What is wonderful about this range is that you can enjoy them individually or together as a collection. If you fall in love with the Elf Door, you can you use it with or without the Elf. The stickers, story book, reward charts and advent cards all bring the Christmas spirit into the home. Pick and choose which are your favourite or buy them all.

If you have already adopted an Elf, then you will be happy to hear that reward refill kits are available, as well as second edition advent letters. Carry on the tradition in 2018, with these all new products. Best of all, you receive 15% off as a reader of The Mommy City but using the voucher code under Stockists below.

Christmas Elf & Magical Reward Kit

Elf for Christmas

Directly from the North Pole, the award-winning Christmas Elf and Magical Reward Kit will bring fun and magic to homes this December. A friendly face, a festive outfit, long legs and mischievously long arms the boy and girl Christmas Elf is perfectly designed for fun and games. This Elf finds it easy to get up to mischief as their arms are long enough to reach around things and the hands velcro together.

Where the magic really happens is in the Magical Reward Kit – a unique and magical package to promote good behaviour. Designed for families with up to two siblings, all of the items in the kit can be shared and include two Letters to Santa and two Nice List Certificates, so you can personalise these to each child. Larger families, can add a refill kit per additional child.


Elf for Christmas

Elf for Christmas refill Reward Kit

  • Christmas Elf Toy
  • An Arrival Letter from Santa
  • Mini Elf Report cards
  • 2 x Letter to Santa templates
  • 2 x Official Nice List Certificates
  • Christmas Reward Chart & a sheet of Elf
  • Beware of the Elf Sign & Santa Please Stop Here Sign
  • Departure Letter and Thank You postcard
  • RRP R499.98*

Light up Elf door

Elf for Christmas Light up Elf door

Elf for Christmas Light up Elf door

This beautiful light-up Elf door will soon become a much-loved family keepsake. The magic door’s light can switch on to indicate the exciting arrival of a special little North Pole Elf. Or use as a comforting night light to remind your little one that the magic of the North Pole is never too far away.

The Elf door is very charming, and no doubt Paige and Ethan will fall in love with it when they see it (I’m still keeping it a surprise). The door is smaller than the Elf, so may have to explain to the kids how they shrink to fit through it. Ethan will for sure question the proportions and mode of travel. I would have preferred it a little bigger to fit the Elf.

The extra stickers and messages don’t appear to be reusable, so use wisely. I like that it comes with a battery included, something I look for in battery operated toys. There is double sided tape on the back of the door which you can use to attach to a surface. I don’t think I will use this, as it’s not reusable and don’t want to damage any paintwork trying to remove it. However, being fastened to the wall will prevent kids playing with it and removing it. So I’ll have to decide what I will do when I set up the decorations.


Elf for Christmas Light up Elf door

  • 22cm high light up Elf door made of high quality resin
  • Elf welcome guide booklet
  • Interchangeable sticker signs and messages
  • 1 x AAA battery
  • RRP* R439.98

Christmas Refill Kit

Elf for Christmas refill Reward KitThe Christmas Refill Kit is a unique and magical package to promote good behaviour. Designed to be suitable for either 1 or 2 children, and most items can be shared in a family with siblings. Included are two Nice List Certificates and two letters to Santa, so each child can personally have their own. Larger families or anyone that wants each child to have a whole kit to themselves, will need multiple packs.

My kids loved the reward chart. Every morning they would run to check whether Elf gave them a sticker for being good. It only happened that they were naughty once or twice, and receiving a reminder from Elf ensured that they were on their best behaviour throughout December.


Elf for Christmas refill Reward Kit

  • An Arrival letter from Santa
  • Mini Elf report cards
  • 2 x Letter to Santa templates
  • 2 x Official Nice list certificates
  • Christmas reward chart & a sheet of Elf stickers
  • Beware of the Elf sign & Santa please stop here sign
  • Departure letter
  • A thank you post card
  • RRP* R229.98

Advent letter set

Elf for Christmas advent LettersArriving in little numbered envelopes, these enchanting notes will let children in on the secret fun, magic and mayhem that goes on at Santa’s workshop throughout December, as told by their very own North Pole pen pal, Pip McJingles.

The 24 number envelopes have been designed to be read in the correct order, to build a daily story of the North Pole. Ready to be smuggled amongst the post, hidden in a toy box or tucked on top of the cereal box, these letters are the perfect advent activity.

For my two toddlers, the fun of these letters was trying to find them in the morning around the house. I would place them near Elf, to make it easier, and once discovered, they would run to me to open and read. The letters are a good length, so this year I may save reading them for bedtime, when they can relax and enjoy hearing the stories. Or even read them in the morning and again at night.


  • 24 different letters in numbered envelopes
  • Presentation box
  • RRP* R259.98

Elf’s first adventure story book

Elf for Christmas story bookJoin Christmas Elf for his first magical adventure in this heart-warming tale by Sarah Greenwell. Follow our hero on his quest to find a family who’ll give him a loving home in the run up to Christmas. After helping Santa prepare for Christmas, Elf decides to have a little adventure of his own, leaving the North Pole to fly through the night sky until he finds a little girl and a little boy who just can’t wait to welcome him into their home.

Promoting kindness, fun and good behaviour, this uplifting and amusing tale is told in charming rhyme, accompanied by beautifully detailed original illustrations, making it a pleasure to read aloud and share with younger children.


  • Story book
  • RRP* R129.98

North Pole sticker set

Elf for Christmas sticker setBased on the beautifully detailed illustrations from the storybook ‘Elf’s First Adventure’ the North Pole Sticker Set features all of your favourite characters. The perfect fun-filled and creative activity for children in December.

This year let your children make their own place mats for the Christmas table or let them make Christmas cards for the family. These Christmas stickers will add a little bit of Elf magic to your December.

Last year our Elf would leave a sheet of stickers and a background for each of the kids as a thank you for being good. There as so many stickers (750+), my kids didn’t even use them all! This year I’ll get more creative with ways to use them, and the illustrations are magical.


  • 4 North Pole background designs on 12 loose background sheets
  • + 750 stickers
  • Ages 3+
  • RRP* R239.98


Elf for ChristmasElf for Christmas is available online in South Africa via www.elfforchristmas.co.za (enter TMC02 on checkout to get 15% OFF your order, valid until 15 November 2018). Be sure to Like and Share their Facebook page at facebook.com/anelfforchristmasSA. Also available at leading retailers and local toy stores.


Products supplied for review. Information and images supplied. My own images are clearly watermarked.

*Recommended Retail Price correct at October 2018

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  1. My daughter would love this she keeps asking me when is Santa and his Awfs (Elfs) coming to take her to the snow and give her presents

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