King Price Accident FormMy husband had a bumper bash, nothing serious, but it was a reminder that accidents do happen.

Touch wood it has never happened to me, but it does make you think about how you would handle the situation and who you would call.

A while back I put my car insurance details on a slip of paper in my cubby hole, but since then it got crumpled up and eventually thrown away (which had a lot to do with a banana I forgot in the glove compartment, if only I could forget the memory of its liquified remains).

I wanted to replace these details with an info sheet which is more comprehensive and most importantly, had an extra copy of my details which could be handed over to the other driver involved in the accident.

By having all my details already written down, I could avoid delays at the scene of the accident, especially when the kids are in the car. I also know that I get flustered, and having everything on paper will help me keep calmer and I’m less likely to forget something important.

Accident Form

So here are my tips for putting together a folder for your car:

  • Download the King Price 2 page accident form free printable. Make two copies and fill one out in advance with your details to hand to the other driver, and leave a blank copy for you to fill out their details. Print an extra copy for in the event that there are more than two vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Download my free 3 page family medical information printable. In an emergency, you will have all your medical aid information and family history at the ready to hand over to emergency services. If you have one, include a copy of your medical aid card as well. These details are handy to have in the car anyway for emergency trips to the doctor or hospital.
  • Fill out the printables in pencil, that way if any of the details change, you can easily erase and amend.
  • To stop my papers from getting damaged (again), I bought an A5 plastic folder from my local stationery store which fits neatly in my car cubby hole. Now my papers are all safely kept together and I keep a pencil in there too so I have something handy to write with.Drive organised with a car folder by The Mommy City

After an accident

Should you get into an accident (and I really hope you don’t), what should you do next?

  • Call traffic services or ambulance if needed and stay safely buckled in the car whilst you wait.
  • Take photos of the accident, damage to the cars and licence plates with your phone or camera.
  • Ask the other driver(s) politely for their information, and avoid hostility if possible.
  • Don’t admit liability for the accident. Leave it to your car insurance company to handle the claim.
  • Report the accident in person within 24 hours at the police station or traffic department.
  • Make a claim with your car insurance company and they will require all the details about the accident and photographic evidence.

Now that you are feeling organised, how about downloading my free family folder printable and sort your car insurance documents away safely so you have them ready in the event of a claim.

If you were ever to claim from insurance, your claim will be paid to the value of your car at the time of the accident. So even though you may have been paying insurance on a higher value, you still only get paid out the car’s actual worth.

That’s why keeping track of your car’s value and adjusting your insurance regularly so you don’t pay excessive premiums is crucial. King Price do this for you, and decrease your premiums every month as the value of your car depreciates.

At least that’s one admin task you don’t have to do and you save R8 each month, which over the long term, really adds up. Bonus!

Let’s hope you never have to claim, but if something ever did happen on the roads, at least you are now prepared with your free printable and advice from King Price.


This is a sponsored post for King Price.

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