Dress the PartWhenever I browse a magazine, I look look through all the fashion, handbag choices and jewellery catalogues, and always pick out my favourite item. I ask myself if I have to choose just one, which one would it be?

So you can imagine, I was more than a little keen when Superbalist asked if I would take part in their Dress The Part project.

The challenge? Pick 5 dresses from their website for 5 different occasions. In some cases it was easy, for others it was a toss up between which dress I liked best.

When I shop for clothes, I look for styles that suit my body shape, fabrics, cost, and if it fits within my mommy lifestyle.

Once you become a mom, your style changes. You opt for flats over heels, easy wear items that you don’t mind spit up, snot or finger paint all over, and possibly a nice dress for those odd days when someone has helped you get the kids ready so you have 5 minutes to put some makeup on and choose an outfit.

Since we are passed the baby phase of parenting and into the toddler years, I can spend a little more time finding my style again, beyond jeans and a t-shirt. When picking a dress, I do look for longer length though to avoid any flashing of ‘mommy panties’ (not as large and beige as granny panties, but still the sensible cotton variety) as I bend over to pick up the kids.

My ‘mommy fashion’ advice is to stay away from voluminous wear or anything resembling maternity wear unless you are pregnant. From my experience, baggy doesn’t cover up your extra baby weight but accentuates it, and you will get asked when your next baby is due (or was that just me?).

Opt for more tailored items and if you are going for loose fitting, ensure the outfit shows off your best features to keep it flattering. Here are my 5 dresses for 5 occasions.


Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityI prefer to avoid black and white for weddings and daytime occasions, and opt for colours and patterns if I can. This Sissa Halterneck Dress in green is my first choice as an elegant and feminine dress. The mesh overlay hides any lumps and bumps, the length shows off the legs without being too short, whilst the beaded frame accentuates the shoulders. Wear with heels to elongate your legs, and take an extra pair of flats for garden events and hitting the dance floor in the evening (that’s if you can stay up that late with the kids).


Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityThe black and nude spotted combination works well in this Seal Dress by Vero Moda. The cinched-in waist helps to break up the dress and I especially like the full length arms for an office outfit.


Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityYou can’t go wrong with a little black dress (LBD) for a party and girls night out. Love that the light shines through the mesh overlay and the tailored bodice is flattering with chunky straps. The skirt is forgiving on the tummy and thighs, and shows off the legs at a nice knee length. Add in colour with shoes and accessories.

Day Adventure

Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityI’m a navy and white stripes kinda gal, and add in leather accessories, and I’ve already bought it. The mid-length sleeves keep the chill off your arms when you are out and about on your kiddie adventures, and the scoop neckline is comfortable too. This is fitted, so chose underwear that helps flatten the tummy and avoid visible panty line (VPL).

Every Day

Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityDid I not say I love navy? The Nava Rib Dress has a funky zip detail down the front, and ribbed crewneck detailing. I would wear this tunic dress with takkies for an everyday look. I did receive some good advice from a stylist to never wear plain white takkies – apparently screams ‘mommy look’ and not in a good way. Choose shoes with a funky pattern or colour detailing if you are going white.

So those are my 5 dresses for the Dress The Part challenge from Superbalist. What 5 dresses would you pick?


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