Feeding reminder clockThanks to lack of sleep and general forgetfulness, I don’t always remember when last I fed Ethan. Even though I don’t keep to strict feeding times, I like to know when last he fed so I can keep track of how much and how often he’s feeding.

Instead of writing it down in a notebook, I made a clock that I’ve stuck to the lid of the formula tin and I turn to the time when I’m making his bottle. Easy.

A notebook is helpful if you also want to keep note of wet nappies etc, but I find I forget to write in it and anyways, Paige keeps stealing pens if they are anywhere within sight – she climbs on chairs, beds, toys, anything to get what she wants.

The clock is easy to make: I cut a circle and triangle to the desired size out of a pretty birthday card; wrote the times and small lines to indicate half hours; then used a brass paper binder to attached the circle and triangle.

Plop a bit of prestik on the back of the binder and stick to the lid. If you are breastfeeding, you could stick the clock against the wall next to your feeding chair or on your book if you read whilst feeding. I also wrote the number of scoops of formula on the lid so I don’t forget – did I mention I’m forgetful? This way, my husband can also keep track of the when and what, if he does a feed. Hope this tip helps you.

2 thoughts on “Do you forget when last you fed baby? Make a feeding reminder clock”

  1. Hope Scarlett is sleeping better – I was so tired last night with my 2am feed I kept nodding off! Also hope the clock has made it a little easier to remember feed times. These night feeds won’t last forever – and then we will miss them being so small – this I keep telling myself as motivation!

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