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ShowMaxIs this year going past quickly, or is it just me? It’s already February and that means it is Valentine’s Day coming up very soon. We don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day. Well, my husband doesn’t because he isn’t a fan of the commercialisation of the holiday. I, however, like the idea of setting aside a day where you show each other some love in your own special way. As long as both partners are happy and don’t feel pressured by unreasonable expectations of gifts, I think it’s up to each couple to celebrate the occasion how they like.

ShowMaxOnce you have kids though, your expectation of date night is a takeaway and an evening spent on the couch watching anything other than kid’s shows. The takeaway will also mostly likely be cold, as it took you an extra hour to get the kids to sleep as they suspected something was up when you tried, and failed, to shower at 5pm and dress in clean clothes.

You don’t mind though, because you would rather be cuddled up at home than have to use your last bit of energy going out or arranging a babysitter. That’s how we feel anyway, and so here is my choice of Valentine’s Day gift for him/her for under R200. A blanket + ShowMax voucher + popcorn + bucket. Add in your favourite drinks, and you have a relaxed Valentine’s Day evening all planned out.

If you don’t already know how to set up ShowMax, please read by easy guide on how it works.

ShowMaxNow that you have ShowMax, you need to select your pick of romantic movies and series to watch. Going through all the options, it’s hard to choose just a few of my favourites to share. There is something for everyone, and many of these movies are old favourites.

One of the funniest movies is What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It has a fantastic cast who explore the funny side of pregnancy and how life changes when you start a family. If I had to pick just one to watch, that would be it.

I may have to debate the movie choice with my hubby, who also likes Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Chasing Mavericks. Have a happy Valentine’s Day cuddling up to your loved one!



This is a sponsored post. Images my own. Screenshots from the ShowMax app.

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