D-Link DCS-825L Wi-fi Baby Cam The DCS-825L is a brilliant Wi-fi baby cam and after a few weeks of testing it out for D-Link, I can tell you I miss it since I reluctantly handed it back over.

This baby monitor works by placing a webcam in the nursery and using your smart phone, tablet or computer to view the live stream via Wi-fi. By using your phone/tablet, you eliminate the need for an additional device and since we carry our phones everywhere anyway, handy too.

You just need to download the free D-Link app, link your webcam and Wi-fi, and you are ready to go. You can create an account for additional features and configure the settings to your own preferences.

The attractive webcam comes in white with blue and pink rings, and sits firmly on a sticky stand or can be wall mounted. The webcam plugs in with an extra long cord or connect to an external USB battery for total portability.

D-Link DCS-825L Wi-fi Baby Cam


  1. It alerts you when your baby is crying or moving. You can choose to soothe and talk to your baby through the speaker, play a choice of 5 lullabies, press the mute button if you want to CIO (cry it out) but still use the video to monitor your baby. The temperature sensor tells you if the room is too hot (red), cold (blue) or comfortable (green) for your child.
  2. Monitor your baby without disturbing them by going into their room to check that they are asleep and lying in a safe position. This feature is best to check if they are actually asleep or awake just lying quietly in their cot and best left alone. I’ve done it when you go in the room thinking baby is asleep but awake and once they see you, well, you can forget about sleep as they are so excited to see you.
  3. When a parent travels, they can log in securely anywhere via the mobile app and watch baby sleeping or playing in their room. Also great for checking on baby when you are at work or out for a dinner date when you have the nanny/babysitter at home. You can set recording of snapshots and video clips that are triggered by movement and loud noises such as crying, for later viewing.
  4. Quality 720p HD picture so you can clearly see in the room and night vision mode turns on automatically. You can connect wirelessly or through the internet, and if there is no available internet connection, you can connect to the baby camera’s wireless network for local monitoring.

D-Link DCS-825L Wi-fi Baby Cam Since the video feed is through an app on your phone/tablet, I found that I went through more battery power. Don’t make the same mistake as me, when you turn off the baby camera you need to close down the app properly too. Otherwise when you turn on again, the app won’t pick up the connection.

The D-Link DCS-825L Wi-fi baby cam is available from stockists at an estimated retail price of R1,675. Check out this video to view more of the features that are packed into this webcam.


National stockists

Takealot.com, Wootware.co.za, Loot.co.za, Pinnacle Africa, Matrix Warehouse, Kalahari.com, Recton, Mustek, Frontosa, Computer Mania


Product supplied for review purposes. Images my own.



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