This winter, we thankfully have avoided the worst of the cold and flu going round, but have been hit with some 24-hour bugs that have left Paige feeling blue.

There are some good type of bugs though, in the form of these cute 48-hour fever patches from Clicks. The idea is you can monitor your child’s temperature without having to taking measurements, and whilst they sleep.

The temperature range is from N (a normal 36°) to 40° and in the photo, Paige was running a 38° temperature, poor thing. I still use a digital thermometer to get a more accurate reading, these patches however are better for continuous checking, especially for when your sickly child is fussing.

Paige kept it on for a few hours before pulling it off, she’s 2 so it’s expected, but older children may keep it on for longer. If I remember correctly, I paid around R35 for them.


  • stick-on temperature reader
  • continuously monitoring for up to 48 hours
  • can be placed on the forehead, under the armpit or on the chest
  • perfect for checking temperature while your child is sleeping
  • cute bug designs

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