Enchantimals™ new whimsical characters and animal besties

 Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

An exciting press drop arrived for Paige and Ethan with the latest new brand from Mattel South Africa, Enchantimals™. Let’s peak inside the box to see this new range of whimsical characters and animal besties.


Enchantimals dolls by MattelThe Enchantimals dolls are a group of lovable characters (who are half animal) who have a special bond with their animal best friends. Each character is complete with her animal sidekick with whom she shares an unbreakable bond of friendship. These pairs of animal besties use their abilities and compassion to maintain balance, peace and harmony amongst all living things. Fans will have fun discovering new characters and collecting them all.

Enchantimals dolls by MattelThe Enchantimals dolls inspire stories of friendship, empathy and compassion towards all living things. The characters and stories come to life through a variety of short-form YouTube content and a 60-minute movie on Nick Toon.

Some Enchantimals characters

Sage Skunk™ & Caper™


Enchantimals dolls by MattelSage has a mind as quick as her feet and she’s a great problem solver. When Sage and Caper aren’t working on a new song together, they’re usually planning some elaborately clever prank.

Lorna Lamb™ & Flag™

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

The six-inch doll comes with Flag™, her white sheep friend — so cute with a “woolly” patch of white hair and flowers decorating her head! Lorna Lamb™ doll wears a colorful outfit that matches her sporty personality.

Karina Koala™ & Dab™

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

Karina wears a colorful outfit that matches her affectionate personality: it has a removable skirt that has a floral print and furry trim. Just look at those shoes! Dab holds a dynamic pose, wears a cute expression and has a “furry” patch of hair and matching yellow flower on her ear to showcase her personality.

Merit Monkey™ & Compass™

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

Enchantimals dolls by Mattel

Merit and Compass, her monkey friend, have a fruit cart with treats to feed their forest friends. It’s ready to roll with two bright yellow wheels, a pink push handle, shelves and a hook to display the fruity treats.

In addition to the above core characters, there are many more to collect to play out your Enchantimal stories.


Enchantimals product ranges from RRP R129.99 – RRP R719.99 and available at South African retailers nationwide. Follow along on the Enchantimals journey on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


Product supplied for review purposes. Information supplied by Mattel. Images my own.

Talking Mud Fest Blaze and the Monster Machines

Blaze and the Monster Machines ToysBig wheels and big sounds make our new toy a hit with Ethan. Since Ethan is also a fan of Blaze and the Monster Machines™, having his own muddy Blaze means all new story-lines have been added to playtime.

Blaze and the Monster Machines™

Blaze and the Monster Machines Toys

In every episode, Blaze and the Monster Machines race into high-octane adventures that explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Along with his 8-year old techie driver AJ, Blaze races around Axle City solving problems involving STEM concepts. Blaze’s rival Crusher is usually the source of the mischief, as he causes all sorts of problems to try beat the other machines to the finish line.

To add to the fun, visit the Nick Jr website to watch latest episodes, print colouring pages and play fun interactive games.

Talking Mud Fest Blaze

Blaze and the Monster Machines ToysTalking Mud Fest Blaze is designed to look like Blaze has been doing doughnuts on a muddy track. Besides being fun to ramp through puddles, the Talking Mud Fest Blaze teaches the STEM concept of sound waves. When Talking Mud Fest Blaze talks, his words turn into a sound wave that moves through the air to carry the sound to your ear!

Blaze and the Monster Machines Toys


  • Press Talking Mud Fest Blaze’s hood for 25+ phrases and action sounds
  • Ages 3+
  • Includes 2 AA batteries

Gabby Vehicle Collectible

Included in the Blaze and the Monster Machines™ range are mini collectibles including Grasshopper Zeg, Crab Truck, Skunk Truck, Alligator Truck, Slop and Ant Blaze. These are small collectibles, which do have benefits as they are travel sized and need no batteries.

The size though was an issue with the kids, as bigger is better when it comes to monster trucks. Compared to Talking Mud Fest Blaze, Gabby was smaller than they would have liked. Between the two, Blaze definitely finished the winning line first!

Blaze and the Monster Machines Toys


Find Blaze and his Monster Machine friends at your local toy retailer. Talking Mud Fest Blaze has a RRP of R399.99. Grasshopper Zeg has a RRP of R289.99 (correct as at April 2018).


Product supplied for review purposes. Images my own.

Dancing with Molly Ballerina

Molly Ballerina review by The Mommy CityWe have a ballerina in our house. We actually now have two – Paige and Molly Ballerina. Paige has been taking ballet classes for a year. Her most prized possession is her pink ballerina medal she received after her first ballet concert. She was so proud of herself, and that she overcame her nerves to perform. At only 5 years old, with mommy standing behind the curtain, she took to the stage with the routine she had been learning all year.

Molly Ballerina review by The Mommy CityThis year’s concert is only in term 4, but she is already excited to receive another medal and learn a new routine. Molly Ballerina has already joined her for two lessons, as Paige loves to show her the new moves. I’m a little envious of Molly, as I only get to watch the lesson once at the end of the term. She will have to fill me in on what they are learning.

Molly Ballerina

Molly Ballerina review by The Mommy CityThere are only a few toys that my children own, that the adults love to play with as much as them. When Molly Ballerina arrived from Prima Toys for Paige, it was love at first sight. Paige adored her new doll that can talk and play music, and can also tie her hair up in a bun. Granny, my mom, also fell in love and thinks that Molly is one of the most beautiful dolls ever. My godmother was also taken with Molly, and wants one for her granddaughter. Molly has a timeless charm, that girls (of all ages) want to play with her.

Molly Ballerina review by The Mommy CityMy favourite feature is that Molly can play 8 classical ballet tunes by pressing her hand. This feature isn’t obvious though, unless you received instructions for her. A music note printed on her hand, would be a nice reminder for children to press to hear the songs.

Molly also speaks 200 words, with phrases such as ‘let’s dance together‘ and ‘I want to hug you‘. This adds an interactive element, and Paige’s favourite feature. Her eyes close when laid flat to rest. She has the most gorgeous hair for a doll, and pretty pink pumps. The ribbon laces on her shoes started to fray, so I put a little bit of clear glue at the ends to stop the ribbon from splitting.

She is a very sweet doll, and at 40 cm tall, she is a good size to hold.

Molly Ballerina review by The Mommy City


  • Molly Ballerina Doll is a 40cm soft-body doll dressed as a classic ballerina
  • When you press her hands you hear eight different classical songs
  • Press her tummy to hear 200 words
  • My first ballet steps leaflet
  • 2 ‘AA’ batteries (included)
  • For ages three and up

Molly Ballerina review by The Mommy CityStockists

Available at toys stores and retailers for RSP: R899.99. For more information, please go to www.primatoys.co.za


Product supplied by Prima Toys for review purposes. Images my own.

Activate the Omnitrix – It’s Hero Time!


Product Review

Ben 10 toy review by The Mommy CityEthan’s collection of Ben 10 toys, distributed by Prima Toys, has powered up with the addition of the Deluxe Omnitrix. Now he can transform into one of 10 different Alien Heroes, by activating his Omnitrix device. Let me give you clue as to which is his favourite alien – his catch phrase is “smell you later”. Boys!

Ben 10

Benjamin Tennyson has got to be the most famous 10 year old boy in cartoon history. The Ben 10 franchise is Cartoon Network’s longest running-franchise to-date, spanning 12 years. The series has won 3 Emmy Awards and had phenomenal retail success.

Ben 10 toy review by The Mommy CityI think the success of the Ben 10 collection is not only due to the cool characters, but how interactive the toys are. With the Omnitrix, Transform-N-Battle sets, RustBucket Playset, figurines and backpack, children get to transform and allow their imaginations to take over.


Ben 10 toy review by The Mommy CityBenjamin Tennyson moonlights as Ben 10, a superhero with special powers that he discovered from a young age when his signature Omnitrix device miraculously attached itself to his wrist. The Omnitrix gives Ben 10 the power to alter his genetic makeup and transform into 10 alien creatures that help the world and prevent disasters, save people from alien invasions and fight off the bad guys.

Ben just dials in the Alien he needs to get the job done and slams down on the Omnitrix to activate it. The Deluxe model allows you to turn and press the dial to select an Alien. Press button to hear 100+ Alien phrases, and move your arm to motion activate Alien sound FX.


Ethan now has all 3 Extra Large Battle Figures in his collection. The figurines stand 25 cm tall, and are fully articulated.

There is Diamondhead, Heat Blast and Four Arms. Diamondhead’s body is composed of extremely thick organic green crystals. He has the ability transform his limbs into diamond weapons such as blades and bludgeons. Heatblast is Ben 10’s go-to alien when he needs to melt or burn anything in a flash, because Heatblast is made up of live volcanic magma. Four Arms is known for his incredible strength and his ability to break through most objects.

Ben 10 toy review by The Mommy City

One down, and two still standing.

Ben 10 toy review by The Mommy City

Diamondhead still going strong …

Ben 10 toy review by The Mommy City

… but ends up in the pile.

Ben 10 toy review by The Mommy City

Each figurine is available in a variety of sizes including mini, basic, large and deluxe.


Ben 10 toy review by The Mommy CityTake it to the next level and transform to battle it out as Heat Blast or Diamondhead. Check out Ethan in our other Ben 10 review as Heat Blast, with the extending fireball. Here he is transforming into the Alien superpower Diamondhead, complete with extending battle blades.

Ben 10 toy review by The Mommy City


Ben 10 is ideal for boys aged 4 to 9 years of age. Available at all toy stores and retailers countrywide. For more information, visit www.primatoys.co.za or go to www.Facebook.com/Primatoys


Product provided by Prima Toys for review purposes. Images my own.

Elf for Christmas

Elf for Christmas This year, Christmas is going to be so exciting for our family. Not only will it be our first Christmas in our new home, we have an elf friend joining us this year, thanks to an Elf for Christmas. The kids are at an age now where they can appreciate all the celebrations and traditions around this time of year. Ethan will have just turned 4 and Paige will be 5 years. They are already practicing for their Christmas concert at school and can feel the excitement in anticipation of Santa Claus’ arrival. If you are looking to start new traditions and make Christmas even more magical, then keep reading. I also have a 10% discount code on offer!

Elf for Christmas

A modern family tradition, Elf for Christmas is a magical toy and reward kit perfect for girls and boys aged 2 and over. Available as a girl or boy Elf, this engaging toy brings fun and magic to your home throughout December – while promoting good behaviour and family interaction. Elf for Christmas was born in the UK in 2015,and this year Santa is sending his little helpers further afield into sunny South Africa. The magical concept/story behind this UK award winning toy “Elf For Christmas” is that the loveable little elf is sent to a home all the way from the North Pole by Santa himself – with a main purpose of watching over the children and reporting back on good or bad behaviour. He/she also serves as a direct communication link to The North Pole for kids to send their letters to Santa.

Now, as is customary with Christmas – all the magic comes to life while all the children are sleeping – so after the lights have gone out and all is quiet, the little elf “comes alive” and gets up to all kinds of mischief (with a little help from Mum or Dad, of course) – doing a variety of quirky things around the home … from fun and naughty things like eating cookies from Mommy’s cookie jar and leaving crumbs on the counter … to kind and helpful chores like tidying away toys that the kids may have left out (but beware – he/she may report back a messy room to Santa!).

Elf for Christmas

Where the magic really lies is in the Christmas Reward Kit – a unique package to help you bring the excitement of the Elf to life. The kit includes an arrival letter from Santa, explaining Elf’s role in your home, a reward chart and stickers, Mini Report Cards and Certificates that can be used to promote kindness and good behaviour. Will you be on the Naughty or Nice List?

Keep the festive spirit alive with Beware of the Elf signs for your door and a Thank You postcard to round off the magic in January. There is also a Letter to Santa Claus template, ready to post your letters off to the big man himself, and a Goodbye letter for when it’s time for Elf to go back to the North Pole. Throughout December, you will receive unique personalised emails from Santa Claus, directly to your children or class, with information that your Elf has learnt about you. It really is magic. All you need to do is believe it!

Elf for Christmas


  • The Elf Doll and Magical Reward Kit: available with either a boy or a girl doll. RRP* R495;
  • Magical Christmas Reward Refill Kit: a full reward kit top-up for larger families. RRP R225;
  • Elf First Adventure: an illustrated children’s story book, which focuses on promoting Elf’s kindness motto – “treat others as you want to be treated.” RRP R135;
  • Magical Elf Door: the perfect way for Elf to travel back and forth from the North Pole to your home. This delightful family keepsake promotes imagination, creativity and joy. The Door lights up and includes an Elf Welcome Guide and interchangeable stickers. RRP R465;
  • 24 Advent Letters: 24 individual letters in mini envelopes with endearing little insights into the exciting and busy life of the Elves at the North Pole. Build a story throughout the month of December with these Advent Letters that will make the whole family tingle with excitement. RRP R265;
  • North Pole Sticker Set: contains 4 different scenes from the book. The North Pole Sticker Set has 12 loose background sheets and 12 sticker sheets with over 750 stickers. RRP R245.


Elf for Christmas is available online in South Africa via www.elfforchristmas.co.za (enter TMC4EFC on checkout to get 10% OFF your order, valid until 31 October 2017). Be sure to Like and Share their Facebook page at facebook.com/anelfforchristmas. Also available at www.takealot.com; and other leading retailers and local toy stores.

Please note that the Advent Letters and North Pole Sticker Sets have been very popular and are currently SOLD OUT. New orders will arrive in Early November. You can still order online to secure your order!

* Recommended Retail Price

Images and press release provided by Elf for Christmas. I received the Elf Doll, Advent Letters and Sticker Set for review.