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Baby Sense Cellular Blanket

Baby Sense Cellular Blanket review by The Mommy CityI think every child has their favourite blankie. A blanket that makes them feel safe, that smells like their mom, and also keeps them snug at naptime. Paige at 4 years, still has her favourite blanket and bunny, which she grabs when she feels sad or sleepy, and needs the reassurance of feeling at home. Even as adults, that feeling of curling up in your duvet or pulling a blanket over you when you read a book, just feels so comforting. Blankets should last a good few years, which is why I like the Baby Sense cellular blanket as it’s made from 100% cotton and a large size. This blanket is soft, just the right weight, and will wash well. The extra large size means it will grow with your child, and fits Paige’s toddler bed. It is presented in a nice box which makes it an ideal gift and comes in four unisex designs in either white or grey.

Four designs:

  • White blanket with stone hearts
  • White blanket with rainbow hearts
  • White blanket with elephants
  • Grey blanket with bunnies


  • Breathable: The cellular construction offers insulation and breathability. The blanket helps to keep baby’s temperature regular, neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Generous size: The blanket’s generous size is versatile and can be used for many years as your baby grows. It can also be used out and about as a stroller shade or soft place to lay your baby on.
  • Comfort: The cellular blankets are 100% cotton and super soft.

Available to purchase on the Baby Sense website and selected stockists.

The Room – Toddler Bed

The Room toddler bed - The Mommy City reviewTo buy a toddler bed, or not to buy a toddler bed, that is the question. I did a lot of research about whether or not to go straight to a single bed or to buy a toddler bed, and there were conflicting views from parents. There are good reasons for both sides, and I think you need to look at your own wants and needs to decide what will be best for your family. We finally decided on a toddler bed for Paige from The Room, and we have been so happy with it, and it is just the cutest piece of furniture and I wish I was little enough to sleep in it.

My reasons for getting a toddler bed

  • We already have a single bed so we would have only needed to buy clip on sides. Those sides though are still a few hundred rand and we would have the fuss of having to put them up and down when she climbs in, or else they could pull out/off.
  • I wanted Paige to be able to climb in and out of her bed easily and if she did manage to fall off, she wouldn’t fall far, as the toddler bed is that much lower to the ground.
  • Her room is small so the smaller bed also gives her more space to play. The bed is very cute and is a perfect mini-bed for a mini-person. You will need to get toddler bedding or use blankets as single duvets are too big.
  • She will grow out of the bed sooner than if she went straight to a single, but we didn’t mind as she would have a few years in it and then Ethan will sleep in it once he’s out the cot. Once he’s outgrown it, we will pop a load of cushions on it and they can use it as a reading seat and couch. It takes the weight as I often squeeze onto it to read a book with Paige or sleep next to her. She sometimes pats her pillow to ask me to lie down and so we curl up together for a cuddle.

Why The Room toddler bed

  • There is less demand for toddler beds as single beds, so only a few companies build them. Of the companies I did find, most were plastic which I didn’t want or the design of the bed wasn’t right.
  • The Room’s toddler bed is wooden with inbuilt safety rails that run along half the bed, with a headboard and footboard.
  • We visited their showroom in Stellenbosch to make sure it was the right bed for Paige, and she climbed straight into it. Sold!
  • I think for the quality and comfort, it is reasonable at R2 260 for bed and mattress and I couldn’t find anything nicer when we looked a year ago.
  • The bed is made to order and available in a choice of colours. There can be a lead time of up to 6 weeks so order in good time. Delivery is countrywide and colour samples can be mailed to you.
  • Measurements: 1360mm x 710mm x 600mm high

If you are looking for furniture for your baby, toddler or tween’s room, you should have a look at their full range on their website, and follow them on Facebook for updates.

Tatty Teddy nursery

Tatty Teddy Nursery - The Mommy CityDurban based Bronwyn Goble, and friend of mine, has shared some pics of her gorgeous tatty teddy nursery. Bronwyn just last week gave birth to her precious girl, Charlotte, and both mom and baby are doing well. I love to hear the stories behind the spaces parents create for their children, and what makes them feel ‘at home’ in the room.

Tatty Teddy Nursery - The Mommy CityBronwyn’s inspiration for the room was simply that she loves tatty teddy and thinks he is the cutest bear. They decided not to find out the sex of their little one so decided to go with yellow, grey and white. Many hours were spent searching on Google and Pinterest for ideas, and I think they got the room just right.

Tatty Teddy Nursery - The Mommy CityThey were extremely blessed and lucky to have the help of their family and everything you see has actually been made or fixed by someone in the family. Bronwyn’s mom did the embroidery and made all the linen, her sister made the cute nappy bag and door stop, her mother in-law made the curtains and her dad and husband sorted out all the furniture (the cot was second hand which they fixed up). Bronwyn did some of the sewing and made the wall art which was printed by Fotomax. And the lovely maternity photos on the wall were taken by her sister, of Melissa Palmer Photography. What a talented family!

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D-Link Wi-fi Baby Camera

D-Link DCS-825L Wi-fi Baby Cam The DCS-825L is a brilliant Wi-fi baby cam and after a few weeks of testing it out for D-Link, I can tell you I miss it since I reluctantly handed it back over. This baby monitor works by placing a webcam in the nursery and using your smart phone, tablet or computer to view the live stream via Wi-fi. By using your phone/tablet, you eliminate the need for an additional device and since we carry our phones everywhere anyway, handy too. You just need to download the free D-Link app, link your webcam and Wi-fi, and you are ready to go. You can create an account for additional features and configure the settings to your own preferences. The attractive webcam comes in white with blue and pink rings, and sits firmly on a sticky stand or can be wall mounted. The webcam plugs in with an extra long cord or connect to an external USB battery for total portability.

D-Link DCS-825L Wi-fi Baby Cam


  1. It alerts you when your baby is crying or moving. You can choose to soothe and talk to your baby through the speaker, play a choice of 5 lullabies, press the mute button if you want to CIO (cry it out) but still use the video to monitor your baby. The temperature sensor tells you if the room is too hot (red), cold (blue) or comfortable (green) for your child.
  2. Monitor your baby without disturbing them by going into their room to check that they are asleep and lying in a safe position. This feature is best to check if they are actually asleep or awake just lying quietly in their cot and best left alone. I’ve done it when you go in the room thinking baby is asleep but awake and once they see you, well, you can forget about sleep as they are so excited to see you.
  3. When a parent travels, they can log in securely anywhere via the mobile app and watch baby sleeping or playing in their room. Also great for checking on baby when you are at work or out for a dinner date when you have the nanny/babysitter at home. You can set recording of snapshots and video clips that are triggered by movement and loud noises such as crying, for later viewing.
  4. Quality 720p HD picture so you can clearly see in the room and night vision mode turns on automatically. You can connect wirelessly or through the internet, and if there is no available internet connection, you can connect to the baby camera’s wireless network for local monitoring.

D-Link DCS-825L Wi-fi Baby Cam Since the video feed is through an app on your phone/tablet, I found that I went through more battery power. Don’t make the same mistake as me, when you turn off the baby camera you need to close down the app properly too. Otherwise when you turn on again, the app won’t pick up the connection.

The D-Link DCS-825L Wi-fi baby cam is available from stockists at an estimated retail price of R1,675. Check out this video to view more of the features that are packed into this webcam.


National stockists          Pinnacle Africa          Matrix Warehouse                       Recton          Mustek          Frontosa          Computer Mania



Hot Air Balloons over Africa nursery

Hot air balloons over Africa nursery - The Mommy CityI am proud to say I am a new aunty to my little sister’s first child and son, James. His arrival was a little early – I guess he can’t wait to start playing with his cousins – and he and mom are doing really well. My sister, Amy, has created a wonderfully adventurous African themed nursery, and a space she feels happy in. Preparing and designing your nursery is an exciting time, and you start to come to terms with sharing your home with another (little) person. No matter what you choose to do with your nursery, it should be a room that makes you and your child feel safe, loved and truly ‘at home’.

Hot air balloons over Africa nursery - The Mommy CityAmy’s inspiration for hot air balloons came from the playful and exquisitely detailed prints from the Whimsical Collection of artist Deziree Smith, which she found at the Kalk Bay Co-Op. Online store Hello Pretty stock the hot air balloon cardboard garlands by local designer younghearts, with fluffy clouds and hearts as well. The personalised animal bunting by Bunting & Biscuits, drapes from the ceiling beams and across the front of the cot.

Hot air balloons over Africa nursery - The Mommy CityJames is a lucky boy to grow up in a room surrounded by images of our beautiful wildlife, and we can only hope that he gets to see all these animals in the wild during his lifetime. The future of rhino in South Africa is uncertain and it’s a tragedy that this ‘Big 5’ animal is being decimated by poachers for greed and Asian medicine. This magnificent animal is prominently featured in the nursery as a beaded animal head over the bed alongside the tusked elephant. These heads, the personalised door name plate and animal mobile were the work of local bead work artist Innocent. His stall is down the steps from the Just Nuisance statue in Simonstown and next to Bertha’s Restaurant, or phone him on his mobile at 082 097 2204. Well you can’t get much more local than that.

Most of the furniture was purchased second hand or handed down through the family. The Treehouse cot and compactum where found on Gumtree and the traditional rocking chair is from an antique store in George. The double bed and side table were ordered and made by Beachcomber Home Decor with two shops, in Bloubergstrand and Somerset West.

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eatplaysleeplove sleeping bags & giveaway

Eatplaysleeplove sleeping bags - The Mommy CityMom of 4, Angie de Mink, is a firm believer in the benefits of baby sleeping bags and all of her children have slept in one since the age of 6 weeks to over 3 years old.  She however found the selection of sleeping bags limited, and wanted more choice as to colours and designs. She started her online store eatplaysleeplove with the support of her loving family and even though she is a busy mom, finds the time to sew the sleeping bags and bedding herself, using fun cotton fabrics beyond the usual pinks and blues.


  • Handmade and custom orders
  • Sizes newborn to 3 years
  • Made from soft cotton with a central zip from bottom to top so you can change nappies more easily. I particularly like the piece of fabric behind the zip so that it doesn’t lie against the body
  • Sleeping bags keep baby warm and covered all night
  • Proven to reduce the risk of cot death as baby cannot smother himself and reduce the re-breathing of carbon dioxide
  • Recommended by baby sleep experts including Gina Ford and Tracy Hogg
  • Available in all year style thickness for use throughout the year and a thinner summer bag for the hotter months

SPECIAL: purchase a sleeping bag and get a matching taglet free. Just let Angie know when ordering that you were referred by The Mommy City. To view her range of baby and toddler bedding, please visit her website at or email

Eatplaysleeplove sleeping bags - The Mommy CityWIN: eatplaysleeplove are giving away a 0 – 6 months sleeping bag, matching taglet and blanket in a choice of available colours. Enter via Rafflecopter. Entries close Wednesday, 6 August 2014 and usual terms and conditions apply.a Rafflecopter giveaway

sheet street launch kids range

sheet street have recently launched their kids range of bedding for little princesses and little pirates. The purpose of sheet street, is to give South Africans the opportunity to create a home they can be proud of on a budget they can afford. They have chosen designs that are well loved by children including princess, pirates, cupcakes and dinosaurs. Your children can let their imagines go wild living on the high seas or riding through fairy kingdoms in their carriage.

sheet street launch kids rangeThe kids range includes reversible duvet covers and comforters available in sizes single, 3/4, double and queen, with curtains and matching rugs.  If you prefer to keep a neutral base, add some colour with accessories such as a pillow, themed book ends, clock or lamp. Whether you want to redecorate or are looking for a few key items, you will find this range in selected stores and online.

sheet street launch kids rangeThis is a sponsored post