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Laundry made easier with a Spindel

Spindel Laundry Dryer review by The Mommy City

This is not a washing machine. It’s not a tumble dryer either. The Spindel is a specialist laundry spin dryer that uses centrifugal force instead of heat to quickly remove excess moisture from laundry. By spending a few extra minutes spinning your clothes in the Spindel, you can save yourself time and electricity. There is a lot to say about this product and I know that I’m going to be using it almost daily, all year round.

How it works

The Spindel can be used with machine or hand-washing laundry and is safe for all fabrics. You load wet laundry into the drum, placing heavier items at the bottom and pushing down the clothes with your hand as you fill. I have the 6.5kg Spindel and even though it has a decent capacity, I usually split my laundry into two loads for spinning. Leave about a 8 cm gap to the top of the drum and it’s best to use an item of laundry such as a shirt or cloth to cover and tuck down the sides of the laundry. Close the lid, turn it on and let it spin for about 3 minutes whilst the water pours out the spout. To switch off, turn the dial to the middle setting, which locks the lid for safety until the drum has come to a complete stop. Once stopped, turn to the off setting where you can open the lid and remove the laundry.



From one load, I get about 500 ml of extra water out and this goes onto my plants. The reason why you get so much more water out is that the stainless steel inner drum accelerates up to 2800 revolutions per minute (RPM), compared to 600, 800 or 1000 RPM which your washing machines spins at. My washing machine spins at max 800 RPM so by using the Spindel, I can get my laundry much dryer before I hang it on the wash-line or pop in the tumble dryer to finish off. Synthetic fabrics come out much dryer, whilst cotton fabrics are still damp to the touch. The Spindel won’t dry your clothes completely, it only removes excess moisture to speed up drying time.

Another benefit of a Spindel is that it removes detergent residue that can damage fabrics, fade colours and cause skin allergies. I notice soap bubbles as the water pours out the spout whilst spinning, even though I run my load through an extra rinse. As Ethan has sensitive skin and eczema, being able to remove excess soap residue is a bonus.

After the 3 minute cycle is complete you can:

  • Air dry your laundry in a fraction of the time,
  • Iron certain fabrics with synthetic fibre immediately, or
  • Run a significantly shorter cycle in the tumble dryer to save energy and reduce heat damage

Some more benefits

Since you are cutting down on drying time you can do more loads of laundry in a day or wash later in the day, and it will still dry. You can do an emergency wash and spin at night when your child lets you know they need their sports kit cleaned for tomorrow’s match, and it will be dry and ready to pack in the morning. The Spindel is not only for winter. The summer sun can be damaging to clothes, and after spinning, hang up clothes undercover or inside to dry. The 4.5kg is well suited to pack for holiday trips and camping.


  • Removes up to 80% of moisture from laundry for faster drying time
  • Takes just 3 minutes
  • Uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Reduced damage to fabrics
  • Removes detergent residue that can damage fabrics, fade colours and cause skin allergies
  • Available in two sizes: 6,5 kg or 4,5 kg

Where to buy

Please visit the Spindel website for a full list of stockists. They are also available online at Takealot, Fancystore, Yuppiechef and Loot. If you are still unsure whether or not to buy the Spindel, do yourself a favour and read the reviews on these online stores. I can tell you that it is rated highly.



Converse Kids and their All Star Apparel Styles

Converse Kids by The Mommy CityThe kids will want to get out and active, sporting the Autumn/Winter 2016 Converse Kids All Star Apparel Collection. With the introduction of classic apparel pieces for boys and girls in the collection, boys and girls will be inspired to be the next generation of rockers, dreamers, thinkers and originals. The Converse Kids Apparel Collection is comprised of casual active wear with kid – friendly materials like jersey swing and knit mesh. Ideal for an everyday look, Converse Kids delivers comfort and style with a mix of bold and playful prints in tees and leggings perfect for the cooler weather. Available at Converse online stores and selected retailers.

The distinctive Converse footwear is perfectly matched with the All Star Apparel Collection and their bold prints and patterns. The kids will not only feel comfortable, but they get a chance to show off their individuality and style. For the boys, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Jogger in fleece provides comfort and versatility for kids on the go. For the girls, classic items such as tees and leggings are given new life through a comfort and style lens. Standouts include the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Drop Shoulder Tee, made with jersey swing and the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leggings, made of stretch jersey and a knit mesh inset. The collection features fun and playful prints providing variety for girls to wear this season.

Converse Kids by The Mommy CityWIN 1 of 2 Converse hampers! Visit my Facebook page to enter to win hampers for the boys. Entries close Friday, 12 August 2016 and subject to terms and conditions.

Hamper 1 is for a 5 – 6 year old boy including 1x Two pack socks, 1x  Tee, 1x  Shorts, 1x Vest.

Hamper 2 is for a 12 – 13 year old boy including 1x Jacket, 1x Vest, 2x Tees.



Dress The Part

Whenever I browse a magazine, I look look through all the fashion, handbag choices and jewellery catalogues, and always pick out my favourite item. I ask myself if I have to choose just one, which one would it be? So you can imagine, I was more than a little keen when Superbalist asked if I would take part in their Dress The Part project. The challenge? Pick 5 dresses from their website for 5 different occasions. In some cases it was easy, for others it was a toss up between which dress I liked best. When I shop for clothes, I look for styles that suit my body shape, fabrics, cost, and if it fits within my mommy lifestyle.

Once you become a mom, your style changes. You opt for flats over heels, easy wear items that you don’t mind spit up, snot or finger paint all over, and possibly a nice dress for those odd days when someone has helped you get the kids ready so you have 5 minutes to put some makeup on and choose an outfit. Since we are passed the baby phase of parenting and into the toddler years, I can spend a little more time finding my style again, beyond jeans and a t-shirt. When picking a dress, I do look for longer length though to avoid any flashing of ‘mommy panties’ (not as large and beige as granny panties, but still the sensible cotton variety) as I bend over to pick up the kids.

My ‘mommy fashion’ advice is to stay away from voluminous wear or anything resembling maternity wear unless you are pregnant. From my experience, baggy doesn’t cover up your extra baby weight but accentuates it, and you will get asked when your next baby is due (or was that just me?). Opt for more tailored items and if you are going for loose fitting, ensure the outfit shows off your best features to keep it flattering. Here are my 5 dresses for 5 occasions.


Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityI prefer to avoid black and white for weddings and daytime occasions, and opt for colours and patterns if I can. This Sissa Halterneck Dress in green is my first choice as an elegant and feminine dress. The mesh overlay hides any lumps and bumps, the length shows off the legs without being too short, whilst the beaded frame accentuates the shoulders. Wear with heels to elongate your legs, and take an extra pair of flats for garden events and hitting the dance floor in the evening (that’s if you can stay up that late with the kids).


Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityThe black and nude spotted combination works well in this Seal Dress by Vero Moda. The cinched-in waist helps to break up the dress and I especially like the full length arms for an office outfit.


Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityYou can’t go wrong with a little black dress (LBD) for a party and girls night out. Love that the light shines through the mesh overlay and the tailored bodice is flattering with chunky straps. The skirt is forgiving on the tummy and thighs, and shows off the legs at a nice knee length. Add in colour with shoes and accessories.

Day Adventure

Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityI’m a navy and white stripes kinda gal, and add in leather accessories, and I’ve already bought it. The mid-length sleeves keep the chill off your arms when you are out and about on your kiddie adventures, and the scoop neckline is comfortable too. This is fitted, so chose underwear that helps flatten the tummy and avoid visible panty line (VPL).

Every Day

Dress the Part with Superbalist by The Mommy CityDid I not say I love navy? The Nava Rib Dress has a funky zip detail down the front, and ribbed crewneck detailing. I would wear this tunic dress with takkies for an everyday look. I did receive some good advice from a stylist to never wear plain white takkies – apparently screams ‘mommy look’ and not in a good way. Choose shoes with a funky pattern or colour detailing if you are going white.

So those are my 5 dresses for the Dress The Part challenge from Superbalist. What 5 dresses would you pick?

This post is sponsored by Superbalist

MooMoo Kids Beach Gown

MooMoo Kids Gown review by The Mommy CitySaturday mornings Paige, Ethan and myself go off to swimming lessons and learn to blow bubbles, kick and spend a good part of the lesson fixated on the toys rather than listening to the teacher. Paige has her individual lesson first and then patiently waits for Ethan and I to do our group lesson with 6 – 7 other tots. Paige is really very good and sits in her chair watching us all and every so often has a little giggle as we splash around. I have her MooMoo Kids gown ready which I zip up quickly over her wet costume before getting into the pool with Ethan. After class, we pop into a cubicle and Ethan and I zip up our gowns over our costumes and off we go to the car. I can be out within a minute, without having to change all 3 of us after a busy swimming class.

Our first lesson didn’t go as swimmingly. There were the 3 of us, huddled in a changing cubicle behind a thin white bath curtain, my bag overflowing with towels and changes of clothes, nappies and water bottles. Ethan played with the curtain, threatening to expose my half naked mom bod to the other moms, dads and innocent tots, as I wrestled with my wet one-piece costume whilst trying to reassure Paige that I will help her take her top off in just a minute … mommy just has to cover her naked bum first. Then I had to try dry the kids off enough while they squirmed, so I could dress them, wrap the wet costumes into a towel, pack the bag, find my car keys, and leave in a half dignified manner.

It was decided, I had to find a better routine or else I would dread swimming lessons. I ordered the MooMoo Kids beach gown for Paige and Ethan and an adult gown for myself. The sizes are generous and Paige is in the 3-4 years and you can see in the photo that the arms are still long and the gown is below her knees. The kids looks adorable, I look a little mad, and they keep us warm and dry until we get home where I then deal with changing in more peace. The gowns are great for the beach and even use them after bathing, or you can get the MooMoo Kids bath gown as well. Find them on the MooMooKids website or visit their Facebook page for their latest news.

Schnooky Pie Handmade in SA Babygrows

Schnooky Pie Handmade in SA review by The Mommy CityIf you have seen one babygrow, you have seen them all, right? Not quite, as Durban based Jaclyn Holmes from Schnooky Pie has shown with the redesign of her proudly South African range of babygrows. So what makes her babygrows so different? The studs to open are down the back of the babygrow, as opposed to the front. There are a few ways to put the babygrow on: you can undo the entire back and slip over babies arms and then roll them and do up the studs, or just undo a few of the top studs (enough to fit over baby’s head) and then pull over baby’s head like a normal babygrow.

It’s unique, and it got me thinking whether it was comfortable for baby to be lying on the studs on their back? Jaclyn assured me that all the moms that have tried her babygrows have had no problems and actually love the studs once they were used to the idea. Her own baby girl has worn this style babygrow for over a year and hasn’t had any issues. Another thought in terms of the studs is that some babies sleep on their tummies and wear the normal baby grows which have studs down their fronts, so this was also something she considered when working on her design.

The front of her babygrows has a fun and locally inspired design created by an SA designer, with a funky contrasting design on the back. She even has glow in the dark prints, which is also something really unique. The print on some of the designs is also quite thick on the outside, but it too doesn’t cause any discomfort. Jaclyn does recommend handwashing and no tumble dry from a longevity point of view, but has seen no side effects when washing her own daughter’s babygrows in the washing machine.

How did Schnooky Pie start? Jaclyn tells the story like this. “In July 2014, my first child was born, a perfect little baby girl, my little Schnooky Pie – Mia. Within moments of her coming into the world, I felt a love so strong no words would ever be able to describe it. Along with this intense love, came an immense amount of responsibility as well as a passion to do everything in my power to offer my little girl the best future possible. Part of that passion later transformed into a love for sourcing and manufacturing the cutest and most unique Proudly South African clothes I could and as such, Schnooky Pie was born. My promise to you is that all items I add to my range are items which I love and which I believe are perfect for our most treasured little gifts.”

Schnooky Pie is an exclusive and Proudly South African baby clothing brand. Their passion is to develop a range of clothing that is not only unique and of high quality but that is also proudly sourced and manufactured in South Africa. From the fabric used to make up the garments, to the graphic designer and pattern maker who are responsible for creating the amazing designs, even down to the amazing ladies who sew the garments – they try to ensure that every step in the process remains true to its core – which is to be 100% Proudly South African. You can shop online at and follow their Facebook page.

Schnooky Pie Handmade in SA review by The Mommy Citybaby

bounty natural & organic mini wear

Bounty natural & organic mini wear - The Mommy CityIt’s so great to start another year in this beautiful city of Cape Town, home to my family and a bunch of talented and interesting people I get to know through my work. Such as designer and photographer Victoria Romburgh who is the creative behind bounty natural & organic mini wear.

The range is inspired by a child’s down-to-earth and unassuming perception of the world, and wants to keep your precious bounty, and all the bounties of nature, smiling. This vision inspired their name and the imaginative digital print motifs which are printed using water-based techniques. Their prints feature their smiley symbol which is representative of the playfulness, yet stylish design of the brand. I particularly like the hot air balloons print in green which is not only attractive and unique, it is also unisex. As a mom to both a daughter and son, I look for quality designs which are durable and stay comfortable and looking good over time, so they can be handed down between siblings. Their clothing is for 0 – 36 months, with plans to expand the age range to 7 years. The sizes are generous though and Paige who is turning 4, still fits comfortably into the 24-36 months crossover hoody.

Bounty sent Paige and Ethan each a crossover hoody made from 100% unbrushed cotton fleece to try out and the kids loved them. They are beautifully soft and cosy, and you can feel the quality of the organic cotton. They look adorable in their matching tops and since they are cotton, they are still breathable for cooler summer days whilst warm for the winter months. You can shop the bounty range on their website and at selected Kids Emporium stores.

Bounty natural & organic mini wear - The Mommy City

JenniDezigns Clothing

JenniDezigns Clothing - The Mommy CityThese gorgeous African inspired dresses are lovingly handmade in my hometown of Knysna by JenniDezigns. This mom and daughter team have a passion to share the life and colours that Africa portrays through the use of vibrant locally produced fabrics. They wish to capture the innocence of youth with outfits that allow children to be young and dress age-appropriately, without the demands of keeping up with adult trends.

Mom Jenny is the dezigner and seamstress whilst daughter Sam is responsible for marketing and sales. They don’t do it alone and employ local seamstresses within the Southern Cape area and each outfit has a personalised tag with the name of who made it. As someone who sews, I can say that the level of detail and stitching is impeccable. JenniDezigns currently caters for girls only however, depending on the demand, will explore the option of a boys range.

Paige is wearing the Jabula or ‘happy’ dress which has a double skirt in contrasting fabric, zigzag edging, beaded back piece and bow ties under the arms. Accessories are sold separately and include a matching bag, headband and bow. A pretty outfit for a pretty little girl. To view their full range and to order online, please visit their South African Hello Pretty store, or overseas Etsy store, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
JenniDezigns Clothing - The Mommy City