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La Roche-Posay skincare products

La Roche-Posay review by The Mommy CityIf you or your child has suffered with ezcema, or even dry skin, you will know the anguish of sleepless nights and itchy skin. Ethan battled, and after trying many different options, and taking a holistic approach to caring for his skin, his skin improved dramatically. It was through this process, that I also considered my own skin and identifying that I too suffered from occasional eczema flare-ups and dry skin. I also learnt that any changes in our routine or environment, can have a major affect on our sensitive skin.

After a trip to the Karoo, it took only one bath for Ethan’s skin to dry out and he woke to inflamed skin, mostly behind his knees. I had not considered that the water would be so hard, and the poor little guy did suffer until we got his skin under control again. A few weeks later, we moved house and again our skin reacted, as the water is harder than we have been used to. It got me thinking about our water quality due to shortages, and wondering if other families have noticed the difference to their skin?

When I was introduced to the La Roche-Posay range of skincare products, I specifically requested to try their Lipikar range. All the La Roche-Posay ranges are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Their tagline is ‘A better life for sensitive skin’. However their Lipikar range is especially suited to very dry, irritated skin prone to itching. The whole family – babies, children and adults – can use the products which soothes skin immediately, and spaces out the flare-ups of severe dryness.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Body Range

As part of your daily routine, cleanse the body with either the body wash or cleansing bar. The Lipikar Syndet AP+ anti-irritation cleansing body wash comes in a 200ml easy squeeze tube, or the cost saving 400ml pump dispenser with a RRSP of R270. If you prefer a cleansing bar, the Lipikar Surgras is for daily use on the face and/or body, with a RRSP of R110.

La Roche-Posay review by The Mommy City

La Roche-Posay Face

Products that I have been using on my face, include their foaming water cleanser and anti-marks cream. The Cleansing Micellar Foaming Water cleanses sensitive skin while respecting its physiological balance. With no soap, no colourants, no alcohol and no parabens, it’s ideal for my sensitive skin. The foam feels so soft against my skin, and a good price at RRSP R170. My skin has it’s imperfections which I have learnt to love, though I do want a more even skin tone. The Effaclar Duo+ is an anti-imperfections and anti-marks cream for the face. So far, I have noticed a reduction of blackheads around the nose and chin, and hope to see an improvement on general skin tone after longer use.

For more information on the La Roche-Posay range, please visit their website and Facebook page. Products are available from Dermastore, Skinmiles and Dischem Pharmacies.

Products supplied by La Roche-Posay. Images my own.


Top 6 scar management solutions from experts

How to best manage scars after injury or surgery By the time we reach adulthood, we all have suffered a scar or two. Some scars are more than skin deep. They act as a reminder of past events and may even make us feel self conscious. I got the scar between my eyebrows as a baby, the scar on my shin when I fell on climbing bars as a child, and my caesarean scar from my two kids. What scars do you own?

Why we get scars

When an injury to the skin occurs, the body acts as fast as possible to repair the affected area. Whether the injury was from a cut, burn or surgical incision, the body devotes its energy and resources to healing quickly rather than perfectly. As a result, there is an overproduction of collagen at the site of the wound which leads to scarring. There are a number of factors that affect how fast or well the area heals. Factors like skin colour, the immune system, age, extent of the damage, exposure to sunlight and family history, all play their role.

The good news is that scars usually fade over time, and while there is no product that can make a scar disappear entirely, there are various solutions which may improve the scar’s appearance.

Top 6 scar management solutions from experts

  • Massage. Cosmetic scientist, John Knowlton, recommends applying Bio-Oil to the scar with a massaging action. “The benefits of massage are to reduce scar sensitivity and to help the skin and nerves become tolerant of the normal forces of everyday living. This process of ‘desensitizing’ the scar can take up to 4 months and is best initiated as soon as the skin and repaired tissues have adequately healed.”
  • Taping. Plastic surgeon, Dr Nerina Wilkinson, advises her clients to manage their scars early on in the healing phase. “In my practice, every patient is instructed to tape his or her scar in conjunction with applying oils. By minimising the stresses placed on the scar, we can reduce the risk of pulling the scar apart which delays the healing time. When we tape, we are actually supporting the scar, which keeps the edges together and dampens down the scaring response.” The following steps should be followed for up to a year for best results.

Best 6 scar management solutions from experts

  • Avoid UV exposure. Dr Ladonna Davids says to stay out of the sun. “We know that UV radiation prolongs the healing process, and sun exposure can cause permanent pigmentation or hyperpigmentation which is difficult to treat. We therefore recommend that patients use a UV protection over their scars and if possible, avoid exposure to the sun.”
  • Eat right. Maintain a healthy diet rich in Vitamin C and zinc, which aids in reducing scar appearance.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and regenerating properly. Avoid alcohol and caffeine which dehydrates the body and skin.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking reduces blood circulation resulting in less nutrients needed for repair, being delivered to the skin.

Your scars may not fade completely, but follow these solutions to get better results.

This is not a sponsored post. Content supplied by Bio-Oil.



Beaucience skin care for South African families

Beaucience Skin Care - The Mommy CityCape Town based skin care company Beaucience, has an affordable, eco-conscious range of products formulated specifically for South African families. I have been trying out the Beaucience Botanticals anti-aging range and have been impressed with how moisturising it has been for my dry skin. The range is made using naturally derived peptide technology, combined with organic extracts, essential oils and vegetable oils. The formulation is designed to minimise the ageing effect that the harsh SA climate has on our skin, and suitable for the whole family. Their philosophy is to provide guaranteed results while also being kind to the environment, with no animal testing and using greener packaging.

Beaucience have an extensive range and I have been using two of their anti-aging products over the last few weeks. The Day and Night Moisturising Cream for Dry Skin has a dual function of both moisturiser and nourisher and so can be used both day and night. The cream is non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin and helps to moisturise, balance and condition the skin. It is ideally suited for a dehydrated skin requiring anti-ageing over the age of 30 – that’s me! It does not contain an SPF so for day use, either apply sunscreen for the face or foundation with a minimum SPF 15 factor. This 50ml tub is a reasonable R110.

The Cleansing Gel keeps the skin clean and pH balanced by removing make up, dirt, excessive oil and skin secretions. This gel can be used day and night and I recommend decanting some into a travel size jar for the shower so you always have it on hand. It comes in an ample 250ml pump action jar for only R65.

Beaucience products are available at Wellness Warehouse and selected pharmacies.

Mom Beauty Challenge – Foundation

Foundation Beauty Challenge - The Mommy CityUp until now, I have hardly worn foundation. That’s because I have never used the right foundation and found it a fuss to apply with a brush, and I was always conscious of over applying. I prefer a natural look and even though I have freckles, I am lucky enough to have a clear skin and didn’t need a foundation to cover blemishes. So I have done without and just survived with a concealer for under my eyes and the odd spot. My perspective on foundation has changed since buying the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and compact powder. After reading great reviews, I decided to try the liquid foundation, and I’m thrilled with the results.

The liquid foundation is quick to apply using my fingers to blend in, and then a quick brush over with the compact power. No more excuses that I don’t have the time to wear makeup and it really does make the difference in my appearance, I only wish I had started using it sooner. My skin looks more even with a natural glow, and I don’t feel like I’m wearing foundation. This is a light coverage foundation which you can build up in layers. If you are looking for more coverage, unfortunately this foundation won’t be suited to you.

Rimmel Match Perfection

  • Light perfecting radiance foundation
  • SPF18
  • Available in 8 shades
  • Light coverage
  • Affordable (around R125) and available at most pharmacies and beauty counters

Read more reviews on the Rimmel Match Perfection range on local review website Beauty Bulletin.

Mom Beauty Challenge – Beauty Legacy

Beauty Legacy by The Mommy CityThe intention behind my weekly mom beauty challenges is to share my baby steps to regaining confidence in my body and self. Beauty to me is not about makeup, it’s about feeling happy in your own body and not letting your insecurities stop you from doing what you want to do in life. Beauty to me is having confidence to take more photos of myself with my children and not worrying about my double chin; to wear a swimsuit at the beach whilst we splash in the waves and build giant sandcastles for Ethan to knock down; and slip into a dress for dinner with my husband. I haven’t felt beautiful like this for a while, and I want to regain that confidence by spending more time for myself (and with a little help from makeup).

I’ve said it before, I know that Paige will be looking to me as a role model and if I hate my body, she will learn to hate hers too. I don’t want her to grow up with body issues, and even though I can’t protect her from the outside world and the influences of friends and the media, it is within my power to teach her to love herself in and out, by loving myself and my body. This video makes me even more aware of my role as a mother and as a role model for all young girls. So my challenge to you is to identify your words and actions that negatively impact the way you see yourself, and are observed by your children. Find what makes you feel beautiful to create a positive beauty legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Dove Self-Esteem Project

Dove believes all women have a role to play in setting a confident example for the next generation by feeling good about their own beauty and acting with positivity towards the way they look. As part of its commitment to helping the next generation of women raise their self-esteem and realise their full potential, the Dove Self-Esteem Project delivers self-esteem education to young people (primarily girls) aged 7-17 years through lessons in schools, activities for mentors, online resources for parents and partnerships with youth organizations.

Dove Self-Esteem Project resources have been developed in collaboration with parents, teachers, youth leaders and self-esteem experts as well as endorsed by an independent global advisory board and academically validated to prove their positive impact. The education programmes and fun interactive activities, downloadable at, are designed to help girls overcome beauty-related anxieties that stop them from being happy and confident. The Dove Self-Esteem Project has reached over 16 million young people globally to date with self-esteem education and with your help we can reach even more. Visit the Dove South Africa website, the Dove Facebook page or follow @Dove_ZA on Twitter for more information.

This is not a sponsored post. The video and content was provided by Dove South Africa.

Mom Beauty Challenge – Eye Care

Mom Beauty ChallengeWe are feeling particularly tired after a long two weeks of colds and bronchitis, and it shows on my face. These winter bugs are now so nasty, and I know so many other families who are also getting over sickness. You are probably run down as well, and you can see it in your eyes. Our eyes betray us. They show our love, our pain, our anger, our habits and age. You can use concealer to mask the dark circles, brighten the eye with makeup or hide behind sunglasses. These comes a time though when you start to look silly wearing sunglasses at night, and you don’t want to always wear makeup. You do need to treat the cause of skin damage around the eye, prevent damage, and get back your natural glow.

Eye Care Mom Beauty ChallengeAs you can see, I have a lot of pigmentation around the eye area which doesn’t really bother me, however I do need to watch out for sun damage. Sun spots can turn cancerous and please visit a dermatologist if you have any concerns. Sunscreen is crucial and I really need to find a hat that fits my head and suits me. Dark circles are blood vessels showing through the thin skin around the eye. Genetics play a role and you may inherit thinner and fairer skin around the eye, which makes the circles more predominant. Age, lack of sleep, allergies and sun damage also play a part in making the blood vessels more predominant.

You can use your current face cream around the eye area or if you have drier or more sensitive skin around this area, you can use an eye cream. Eye creams should be fragrance free, and in packaging which doesn’t allow for contact with air or light, so in tubes and not in jars. Eye Care Mom Beauty Challenge There are two local brands I can recommend: Optiphi Classic Eye Effect and Solal Eye Serum. I have seen the best results from Optiphi, reducing the dark circles and making it look like I had a good night’s sleep in over 3 years. This product is available in salons and on the pricier side, like most good things. I have recently been using the Solal Eye Serum which I bought on Juniva at a discounted price. It has plumped up and tightened the skin around the eye and worked brilliantly at removing my fine lines. As an anti-aging product, it does exactly what it says it will. It hasn’t however helped with my circles or pigmentation, but it never claimed that it would.

My mom beauty challenge to you is take care of your skin around the eyes. Use your existing face cream and gently moisture by dabbing the skin, or invest in a quality eye cream product suited to your skin type. Also wear sunscreen, try get some sleep (I say knowing that this is usually impossible) and hydrate.Did you miss last week’s mom beauty challenge? Week 1’s challenge was to sort your makeup.

My weekly beauty challenge & Beauty Bulletin

You have probably seen me in the shops. I’m the harassed looking mom, feeding the kids snacks as I push them along in the trolley. In a tired pair of jeans, a top (that I may or may not have worn 3 days in a row), and my hair scrapped up into a ponytail, wearing sunglasses on my head for the sole purpose of trying to keep my frizzy strands of hair in place. Beauty Bulletin, The Mommy CityYup, I’ve been going through a typical mommy phase where my only goal is to survive the day and keep my kids alive, so I can tuck them into bed and pass out on the couch. Then wash and repeat.

It comes to a point though when you need to start spending some time on yourself. When people comment and are genuinely surprised to see you looking nice, you kind of wonder how bad you must look the rest of the time. So I was excited when Beauty Bulletin asked if I would like to collaborate as a mommy blogger, along with Stacey from Living Lionheart and Megan from Baby and the Beauty Blog. I feel I’m up to the task of bringing everyday beauty to busy moms and keeping true to my own beauty goals. Beauty Bulletin has tons of reviews and product information, and you can sign up as an influencer too.

Now I warn you, I’m starting to sound a lot like my mom, and probably your mom too. They have been through it – they know – and they also just want their little girls to feel and look pretty too. Whenever we go stay with my mom she sends me off to the hairdresser, takes me clothes shopping and tries to convince me to join a yoga class to get fit. The Mommy City Beauty ChallengeSo to inspire myself and other moms, I have put together easily achievable weekly beauty challenges which I will be sharing on my blog and Facebook page. They may not all apply to you, but I do hope they inspire you to take a few minutes for yourself so you can feel beautiful not only as a mom, but as a woman too.

My first challenge to you is to sort your makeup and throw away old and gloopy mascaras, sponges that have seen better days, and shades that don’t suit your skin. Keep only the items you will use and store them within easy reach (but not so the kids can get them) in glass jars, clear makeup bag or acrylic organisers. Clicks has a good budget selection of makeup holders and if you want something really nice, The Beauty Box have beautiful organisers. Enjoy sorting your makeup!

Makeup Organisers by The Mommy City