Caring for Kayla

There is a little special girl who needs your support. Her name is Kayla Glaser and she was born with Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable terminal illness that is very rare. Kayla needs costly monthly medication, treatment and procedures for the rest of her life which are not all covered by medical aid as the South African government does not support CF as a terminal illness. The Glaser family have wonderful friends and supporters and raise awareness and funds through their Facebook page, Caring for Kayla Glaser.

Their latest fundraising event will be held at the Sunningdale Evening Market on the 1st of November. They will have a table selling second hand and brand new toys, teddy bears and children’s clothes. The money raised will go towards funding Kayla’s continued treatment and medication, to other CF families and to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Please, they need your donations and most importantly, they need you to support them at the market by visiting their table. The market is being held at the Sunningdale Sports Complex. If you have donations, there are a number of volunteers to act as drop off points and collectors in CT and JHB:

Cape Town:
Northern/Southern Suburbs: Ilandra –
ConstantiaLoren – 0813289142 / 0217944888
West Coast: 5 Rochester Road, West Beach and 20 Clifton Crescent, Parklands
Germiston: Helen Gurney – Ladybird Nursery School, 45 Cachet Road, Lambton

Hope to see you at the market!

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