Bumbo Booster SeatI’m a fan of Bumbo and Paige used her floor seat and tray when she was smaller and has now graduated to a booster seat. She grew out of the floor seat a while ago but does still try sit in it but gets stuck and mommy has to get her out!

The booster seat is made of the same material as the floor seat but is designed to be attached to a chair. There are adjustable straps fitted around the back of the chair and under the seat to keep it in place.

Since they are adjustable, it fits all chairs and can be transported around. A handy tip I found whilst researching online, is it’s easier to adjust the straps to fit the width of the chair before clipping them in.

Bumbo Booster SeatThe seat has a shape design which is comfy to sit on and slightly higher on the sides. The adjustable restraint belt fits between and around the legs to keep your child secured.

Paige was in a high chair which has a 5 point harness so it took a little while for me to feel comfortable with her just strapped in around the waist and not over the shoulders.

She is growing up though (I’m in denial about this) and she is much happier sitting with the grown-ups at the table and sits well in the seat. Another bonus is that I don’t have a bulky high chair in my dining area anymore.

Bumbo Booster Seat

I found that many other brands of booster seats had low weight restrictions and Paige would grow out of them quickly. The Bumbo booster seat however takes up to 50 kgs so will last her for years.

I’m having no luck finding a South African online store that sells them (please comment below if you know of a shop that does) but I bought mine in-store at Baby City.


This is not a sponsored post. Images my own.

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