BODYTECHaving a baby does put on the weight but I can’t really blame Paige anymore, I’m heavier now than after I had her and that’s down to me. I should exercise more, eat better, and stop making excuses, blah blah blah. I know all this, and even though I don’t feel quite myself in my more fuller body, I haven’t made the needed changes to my lifestyle. It’s on my To-Do List, right under sleep and above buying better fitting bras.

So I jumped at the opportunity of a free trial session at BODYTEC to try out 20 minutes of EMS training which is as effective as 3 x 90 minutes gym workout. BODYTEC uses EMS (electro muscle stimulation) training which builds muscle strength whilst fat content and weight are reduced.

It’s only 20 minutes a week which means time no longer has to be a factor when getting fit and losing weight.

I went to the Sunset Beach branch for my session which started with a brief chat about my medical history and fitness. Then off to the change rooms to strip down (you can’t wear underwear as it interferes with the impulse current) and put on the special training clothes which go under the suit.

A jacket, leg and arm straps are fitted and I was plugged in to the machine. Impulses are sent through this suit to stimulate your muscles. My trainer explained that each dial represents a different zone of the body and can be set at an intensity which I was comfortable with.

Once I got used to the feeling, over the next 20 minutes my trainer went through different movements which I made each round of impulses. You can feel your muscles work and half way in I was sweating and had the exercise high.

My session soon ended and I popped in the showers to freshen up before heading home. Over the next few days I felt the workout in my arms particularly, and also my bum, I have no doubt I would see results after a few sessions.

BODYTEC can help moms get back into shape quickly and since it’s only 20 minutes once a week it will be easier to find a babysitter. If dad is taking too long in the gym, he can go too, so he has more time to help out at home.

They have new moms start 4 weeks after normal delivery and 6 weeks after caesarean but any exercise should be approved first by your doctor. If you are pregnant, you won’t be able to start until after the baby.

They offer trial sessions for R195 and I would recommend you try it out, even if just for the experience, as you never know it might be right for you. BODYTEC have branches nationwide and you can find contact details and more info on their website.

If you have tried it, please leave a comment letting me know what you think of it.

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  1. Hi Sarah!, just read your post. I’m on trying the EMS now but however i’m trying to conceive, i’m on debate with my husband regarding this. do you think this is safe for me whose trying to conceive? thanks.

    1. Hi Natassya. Great question. I did ask them this and they said they would rather be cautious and say no to EMS whilst trying to conceive. It could be a few weeks until you know you are pregnant, whilst you are exercising. You could ask your OB/GYN their opinion, however I suspect they would also say to try less strenuous exercise at this time. Exercise is important, and I would keep doing doing usual fitness routines including walking, swimming, pilates etc, but skip EMS for now. All the best and please let me know how it goes.

  2. Hi. I just started bodytec. And then I found out I am pregnant. The instructor said its safe to carry on with the cellulite treatment but not with the EMC. What do you think? Will it be safe or should I rather postpone for now?

    1. Hi Ilse. Firstly congrats on the baby! Exercise during pregnancy is important for both body and mind, but most importantly, it has to be safe for the baby too. Bodytec would not risk doing the cellulite treatment if they thought it would harm your baby but everyone is different, we all have different bodies and handle the demands of pregnancy differently. What I would advise is to consult your OB/GYN, explain the treatment to them and they may be able to indicate whether they think it’s still ok and during which weeks of pregnancy. Either give them a call or if you have an appointment soon, wait till your next visit to discuss it further. I found that whilst pregnant I felt frustrated that I didn’t have control over my body anymore, that my baby was now calling the shots. But it’s only for a few months, and it really is the best feeling to know that you did everything you could to have a safe pregnancy. And like my doctor kept reassuring me – it’s all for a good cause. All the best and please let me know how it goes.

  3. Hi Sarah, I went for a trial session last week and I definitely felt like my muscles had done a lot of ‘work’ but I am eager to know whether you actually see results? Have you continued with bodytec and if so has there been a noticeable difference? I am at the stage of deciding whether I should commit to the contract or not but it is very expensive and so I would like to know that it is something worthwhile. I would really appreciate it you got back to me. Kind regards, Aviva

    1. Hi Aviva. You definitely feel like you have had a workout after a session. I was trying to fall pregnant at the time I went for my trial so I didn’t consider continuing with it as it’s not recommended during pregnancy. Now that I’m pregnant, it won’t be a few months until I would consider it again. When the time comes, and I can afford it, I would sign up. I’ve tried gyming and it’s not for me, I prefer this kind of workout because it’s quick, I have an instructor with me ensuring I do it correctly and works all areas of my body equally. Bodytec is good if you have limited time, need quick results, and can afford it – it’s costly and money is always a factor. At least since you are paying for it, you won’t want to skip sessions and it will motivate you to stick at it! If you are investing in yourself, you will want to make sure you get results. Speaking to the instructor, she had dropped a dress size in the short time she had been doing it so you do get results. It’s apparently also popular with brides-to-be wanting to shed weight before the big day and moms wanting to loose weight after baby. When I did my trial, they were offering 2 trial sessions to new joiners because it’s easier to make a decision after the second session. I would ask if you could have another trial session and see how you feel after that and if you see results. Also weigh up the cost of joining Bodytec vs joining the gym, personal instructor, yoga classes, weighless etc. Take the difference in amount and see if you are prepared to spend that bit extra. Take into account your time and if other exercise/diet options have worked for you in the past. I hope I have been of some help and please let me know what you end up deciding.

      1. Thank you for your reply Sarah. I am going to book a second session and see how it goes. I will let you know what you decide. I am also going to try and get in touch with people who have been doing it for a few months to see if they have seen results. Let me know if you come across anyone too? Take care!

  4. Ooh very excited to give bodytec a go. Sure it will work. Did madam et monsieur for years,which also used electro pads,except u lie on a bed with them on and that worked like a dream.

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