Mungo Retail Quality Woven Home Ware Products - The Mommy CityOn my holiday to Knysna, I popped in at the Old Nick Village, situated on the N2 just outside Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route.

Here you will find Mungo Retail and the most exquisite woven home ware products all made locally in the area.

This family run business was started by Master Weaver Stuart Holding who learnt the skills of weaving during his apprenticeship in the Weaving Mills of Yorkshire U.K.

I was fortunate to see the ‘behind the scenes’ with daughter Tessa and learnt more about the art of weaving and the people behind Mungo. For over 35 years Stuart has been designing and weaving products that are tried and tested by his family and all have a story behind their design.

The weave design plans are drawn by hand the old-fashioned way, and then samples are made in the Working Weaving Museum on antique 19th century Hattersley looms. The yarn is sourced in South Africa and from Tanzania, and is chosen for each product based on its durability, look and feel.

Mungo Retail Quality Woven Home Ware Products - The Mommy CityThe fabric is washed, checked for imperfections and then sent to CMT (cut, make and trim) to be sewn and pressed. The finished product is packaged and sold locally and internationally.

Delivery is free in South Africa and if you live overseas, shipping costs apply. There really is a sense of family amongst the staff who are all employed from the local community.

Due to demand, the business has expanded over the years and they have a boutique weavery near Plettenberg Bay where fabrics are woven on modern Dornier looms.

Mungo Retail Quality Woven Home Ware Products - The Mommy CityThey have an extensive range of home ware textiles and their baby range includes cellular, wool and organic cotton blankets and hooded towels. If you are ever in Plettenberg Bay, pop in at the Old Nick as the shop is exquisite. Have a read more about the people and history behind Mungo and take a look at their range of quality home ware online.

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