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Online shopping is taking off and as it becomes more popular, online stores are able to expand their ranges and offer incentives such as free delivery. On Wednesday BabyGroup announced they now stock Huggies Gold for boys and girls, and the first thing I did on reading the news was order nappies for Paige and Ethan, and a few other goodies.

The next day I received my order at 5pm, neatly packaged with a handwritten note. Turns out, I was their first Huggies order! I live in Cape Town so granted my delivery will be quicker than other areas, but still that was quick and free!

My order may not have been the most exciting – nappies, wet wipes, shampoo and avent nipples – but they are my regular purchases and it’s nice to know they can now be delivered to me at home. I price check my purchases (yes, I’m the woman walking around the shops using the calculator on her phone) and for these items, BabyGroup has the best prices.

Over the last 2 years I have tried different brands and ranges of nappies for Paige and now I only buy Huggies Gold. I don’t have problems with leaking, it’s a big fit and they have cute designs. The girls have Minnie Mouse on them and a pink bow at the back which looks cute when the nappy pokes out from under Paige’s clothes. I’ve yet to try the boys since they only start from size 3 and Ethan still fits Huggies size 2. I would also recommend the Huggies newborn nappies because of the cut out for the umbilical cord.

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