Baby Sense Cellular Blanket review by The Mommy CityI think every child has their favourite blankie. A blanket that makes them feel safe, that smells like their mom, and also keeps them snug at naptime.

Paige at 4 years, still has her favourite blanket and bunny, which she grabs when she feels sad or sleepy, and needs the reassurance of feeling at home.

Even as adults, that feeling of curling up in your duvet or pulling a blanket over you when you read a book, just feels so comforting.

Blankets should last a good few years, which is why I like the Baby Sense cellular blanket as it’s made from 100% cotton and a large size. This blanket is soft, just the right weight, and will wash well. The extra large size means it will grow with your child, and fits Paige’s toddler bed. It is presented in a nice box which makes it an ideal gift and comes in four unisex designs in either white or grey.

Baby Sense Cellular Blanket review by The Mommy CityFour designs:

  • White blanket with stone hearts
  • White blanket with rainbow hearts
  • White blanket with elephants
  • Grey blanket with bunnies


  • Breathable: The cellular construction offers insulation and breathability. The blanket helps to keep baby’s temperature regular, neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Generous size: The blanket’s generous size is versatile and can be used for many years as your baby grows. It can also be used out and about as a stroller shade or soft place to lay your baby on.
  • Comfort: The cellular blankets are 100% cotton and super soft.

Baby Sense Cellular Blanket review by The Mommy CityStockists

Available to purchase on the Baby Sense website and selected stockists.


Blanket sent by Baby Sense for review purposes. Images my own.

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