Baby hammocksWe recently visited the moms in Knysna and spent our Saturday morning at the Sedgefield market where we came across this unique product. It looks pretty hippy, we were in Sedgefield after all, but worth a closer inspection.

Paige had fun testing it out and enjoyed the attention she got. ‘Lala Apha’ is a Xhosa phrase which means ‘lie here’ and the hammock was made for baby to sleep or sit comfortably whether it be inside the house, out on the deck or beneath the African stars on a camping trip.

It is ideally suited for newborns and later up to a weight of about 15 kgs. The hammock has two positions: the cot position is horizontal and for those who can sit up or roll over, the hammock is tilted and their legs fit through the holes. The height of the hammock can be unjusted by shortening or lengthening the rope knots. The main limitation is that it needs to be secured into the ceiling with a bolt to take the weight and movement of your child. It is easier if you have beams in your house or a sturdy tree branch outside.

The lady, Ana, who makes them is Spanish and she imports the fabric from Spain which is available in a number of prints and colours. You can contact her at and 082 802 1092.



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  1. I run a nursery in the UK and would like to purchase a baby hammock for my baby room. I would like a pale blue and pink combination if possible. My daughter in law has the beige one which would be my second choice of colour please could you let me know how I go about ordering one and having it shipped to my address

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