Free baby knitting patterns for beginnersThere is something about winter that makes me want to pull out my knitting bag and begin multiple projects. Before I get started though, I spend far too many hours on Pinterest scrolling through my feed for baby knitting patterns.

Some projects turn out great, others are a waste of my valuable knitting time and end up being discarded. Just shows you can’t trust every pattern you find on the interest. That’s why I’ve put together this list of my tried and tested free beginner knitting patterns for baby gifts.

Baby gifts to knits

Free baby knitting patterns for beginners

Knitting for babies is more rewarding and enjoyable for me than say knitting that gigantic stripped shawl I made which I’ll probably only wear a handful of times. It’s the quick and cute projects that I find the most fun and provide almost instant gratification. It could also be that I’m a beginner knitter and quicker projects allow me to learn the basic skills with something to show for it sooner.

Baby clothes and toys are also practical projects to start with when you are learning to knit. You want projects that you can gift that someone will actually want to use or treasure, rather than ten scarfs for every family member.

Free knitting patterns for beginners

Sometimes the simplest patterns are the best, other times it’s worth pushing your skills to create a project that will fit and look better on baby. I’ve knitted and can recommend the following free patterns which can be bundled into a beautiful gift for baby.

Baby booties

Free baby knitting patterns for beginnersMany booties just fall off the feet and end up being unused. A lesson I learnt after knitting up pairs of easy knit booties that would just not stay on baby’s cute toes. They had to be gifted to my daughter’s dolly, and even then dolly still kicks them off! So I searched for a while until I found a pattern which was easy enough for a beginner, but also looked great and practical too.

This booties pattern comes with full written and photograph instructions. The finishing options allow you to personalise with your own style. I opted for a stocking stitch edging in a second colour, with ribbon tie. For absolute beginner, you can complete the project in garter stitch.

Free baby knitting patterns for beginnersThis pattern is courtesy of Aneeta Patel, which she shares as a free sneak peek for her pattern book Knitty Gritty – Knitting for the Absolute Beginner.

Get free baby booties knitting pattern

Newborn hat

Free baby knitting patterns for beginnersThere are plenty of newborn and preemie knitting patterns available online. This particular pattern was recommended to me by another blogger, and it was easy to follow. I prefer making the larger size and adding an extra decrease row.

Free baby knitting patterns for beginnersIdeal for a gift or for charity knitting, play around with colour and yarn variations to keep it interesting. This free pattern is courtesy of KatyG Designs.

Get free neonatal hat pattern

Sleeveless Cardi

Free baby knitting patterns for beginnersOne of the most popular designers I have found online for baby knits and crochet has to be Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days. Her blog has been viewed over 13 million times, not to mention her Ravelry and Etsy pages.

Her designs are popular for charity knits and baby gifts, with various degrees of difficulty. I started with the newborn sleeveless cardi as it is worked in one piece and doesn’t require using stitch holders or sewing together. Ideal for summer babies, but rather opt for one of her long sleeved cardigan patterns for winter.

Free baby knitting patterns for beginnersJust a note (and a mistake I made), when ribbing for an odd number of stitches, the first row is K1, P1, and the second row will alternate to P1, K1.

Get free baby sleeveless cardi pattern

Cotton bib

Free baby knitting patterns for beginnersMy daughter was a dribbler as a baby and I tried all sorts of bibs to keep her dry. That’s why I was intrigued by this cotton dishcloth turned bib design by Fabulous Cheryl’s Knits.

The design is so pretty compared to other bibs and can be made in various colour variations. Most other beginner bib knitting patterns are over simplistic and don’t lie nicely around the neck or look attractive.

Free baby knitting patterns for beginnersThis pattern is easier than you think and the result will make your friends and family think you are a pro. The cotton yarn is more absorbent and soft again the skin. This makes for a pretty gift for that special outfit and this particular colour combination makes me think of autumn and pumpkins.

Get free baby bib pattern


This is not a sponsored post. All patterns link to the designer’s websites. Images are my own.

3 thoughts on “Baby gifts to knit for beginners”

  1. So cute! I love the patterns and color combinations. I just taught my kids to knit when we were living in a hotel earlier this summer during our big move….had to think of something to occupy their time 🙂

    1. Well done on teaching your kids to knit – it’s such a lovely thing to be able to learn and do. I’m sure they will be grateful for the skill in years to come. When my kids a just that bit older, I hope to do the same. Glad you love the colours – that orange just makes me think of autumn. Both the blue and orange are also unisex, which makes it easier to make gifts if the gender of the child is a secret.

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