Baby Born Soft Touch Boy

We have a new member of the family, a little baby boy which the stork (a.k.a. the courier) delivered to the house. The children have gladly assumed responsibility for his care, and even named him Ethan. Yes, Ethan decided it was time to have a namesake, and it’s one less name for mom to have to remember. Our Baby born soft touch boy is settling well into his new home, though it has not been without some tears.

Baby born soft touch

Baby Born Soft Touch Boy

The new soft touch Baby born range has arrived in South Africa and features a soft and seamless body, improved movement and cries more easily. That’s right, this baby can cry and do many actions just like the real thing. What mom and dad may be happy to hear though, is the sound of silence. This doll has plenty of features, but it does not make sounds, due to it not being battery operated. Instead, baby is fully bathable and even safe to take into the swimming pool. A feature my children just love.

Baby’s arrival

Baby born soft touch is available in girl, boy and African girl. I requested a boy as I wanted to see how Ethan would engage with the baby doll. Paige already has a girl baby doll , so with the arrival of the boy, she now has siblings just like her and her brother.

Baby Born Soft Touch Boy

Having a baby of their own to look after, Paige and Ethan are learning valuable lessons with some guidance from mom. Including how to hold a baby gently, that they need feeding, changing and also playtime. It sparks their imaginations and they are taking turns walking and bathing baby. They do take it seriously and Ethan even asked daddy to turn off the TV and his sports channel because baby was sleeping! Daddy didn’t oblige the request and baby was moved to a quieter room, but it did go to show that they really are caring for their new baby.

Items included:

Baby Born Soft Touch Boy
  • Soft touch doll
  • Pacifier and chain
  • Drinking bottle
  • Bowl and spoon
  • Food sachet
  • Potty
  • Diaper
  • Birth certificate
  • Two heart bracelets

Additional accessories can be purchased separately. Paige has made up a baby bag with items from around the house including a bath towel and a few of her own toys to play with.


Baby Born Soft Touch Boy
Baby Born Soft Touch Boy
  • I can drink using my bottle.
  • I can wet my nappy. Feed baby water and then press his belly button.
  • I can cry. Feed baby water then press his chest until the tears start to flow.
  • I can eat. Use only Baby born food sachets to prepare porridge for baby.
  • I can use the potty. Press his belly to do a number 1 or number 2.
  • I can take a bath or swim in the pool.
  • I can move my head, arms and legs.
  • I can sleep and close my eyes.
  • I don’t need batteries.
Baby Born Soft Touch Boy
Baby Born Soft Touch Boy


There is lots to love about this Baby born soft touch doll. It is great to find a range that includes boy and African options. The doll is life-like and even though described as soft touch, the plastic is sturdy and robust. Paige and Ethan love that they can feed him water and bath him. The baby, and his clothes, were head to toe wet the first day he arrived. The size, at 43cm/17in tall, is ideal and easy for young children to hold and play with. No batteries required is a plus.

Baby Born Soft Touch Boy
Baby Born Soft Touch Boy

The downside is that the baby needs to be cleaned and rinsed out after feeding porridge and bathing. We fed baby the porridge that was included in the box, but afterwards mom/dad must rinse out thoroughly with washing liquid and fresh water to prevent mould. I find this tedious and so I won’t be purchasing more porridge sachets. My kids must be content with feeding him water, which they have agreed is fine with them.

Baby Born Soft Touch Boy

Cleaning after bathing is easier and the kids do enjoy washing baby, so this I don’t mind doing. It won’t be a daily event, but occasionally is alright with me. I have given baby his own towel since feeding, crying and using the potty is a wet business.


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This product was supplied by Prima Toys for review purposes. All images my own.

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