With all the lovely weather we have been having we decided to have our first braai at our new home. We have just moved house, hence why I have been quiet on the blogging front, and have been busy with alterations and lots of unpacking. The kids are thrilled with the new house, mostly because they now have their own playroom and the garden is much more fun.

Ethan is a monster though when it comes to exploring – touching, moving, turning any buttons he can – especially playing with the oven. I turn the stove off at the main switch so he can’t actually turn it on, but that does mean you have to remember to turn back the dials to 0 and ensure the plates are off when you flip the switch back on. Sometime we forget. 5 Tips to remove odour from your home - The Mommy City #SmellyToSmiley

Like this weekend, when my husband put on the oven and left the garlic bread on the stove top while the oven heated up. Little did he know that Ethan has turned the dials earlier and now the stove top was heating up too. It didn’t take long for us to notice the horrible stench of burning foil and the bread quickly turning into charcoal. I was worried that smell would penetrate into the furniture and just linger. I tried the Ambi Pur Ocean and Wind which was sent to me to try out, and it worked brilliantly at neutralising and removing the smell. It didn’t just add to the smell, it took it away and left behind a subtle pleasant scent.

I now leave that one in the kitchen and have the Lavender and Comfort in the bathroom. Both scents are delicate, not overpowering like I have known air fresheners to be, and work well for removing household odours.

Ambi Pur shared these 5 tips for removing odours:

  1. After cooking and eating, refresh the air around you by spraying a little air freshener. Our noses become immune to odours after around 15 minutes so just because you can no longer smell your meal doesn’t mean it’s no longer lingering in the air
  1. If your child is sleeping away from home, unfamiliar surroundings can make them pine for home. Spray a sleeping bag or hotel pillow with a familiar scent to bring back pleasant memories of home
  1. Before turning on your lights put a little air freshener onto a cold light bulb. Turn it on and as the bulb warms up it will gently release the fragrance into the room
  1. Keep mildew at bay by drying shower walls with a towel and keeping the cubicle door open to let the air circulate
  1. Wipe Your Pet’s Feet: If you aren’t into keeping a towel by the door to wipe off paws, try a plush mat or rug outside your door to help catch falling debris before it ends up around the house.

And if you were wondering whatever happened to the garlic bread, I chopped off the bad half and braaied the rest – and it was delicious!


This is not a sponsored post. Product was sent by Ambi Pur for review purposes. Image my own.

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