Up the road from where I live in Sea Point is 2nd Take, a second hand store which sells designer and top brand clothes for women, men and now kids. They are careful to only select clothes and accessories that are in good condition and are sold at affordable prices. You can find everything you need for your wardrobe and with labels from Prada to Armani, as well as top local designers and brands. This is a perfect place to bring your daughter to find her matric dress as there is a great selection of evening dresses and designer heels to match. It is a long way away until I’m picking out dresses with Paige but I picked out a cute Naartjie sunhat for her instead.

2nd Take are always looking for new items to sell and if you have designer clothes, kids clothing and equipment such as prams etc. that you no longer want, you can make extra money selling them. I have sold clothes through them and would recommend it. Visit their store at 16 Regent Road or shop online. Contact details are tel 021 434 5878 and e-mail info@2ndtake.co.za

6 thoughts on “2nd Take – second hand designer clothes”

  1. I have to agree, I’ve just had the most awful experience with these guys. I’ve wasted hours and hours chasing them as they never provides sales updates or pay on time. They’ve then sold half my clothes at half the agreed price as apparently it was in the small print. Very unprofessional and frustrating experience

  2. The shopping experience is SOO much better. IF however you on the other end selling your old clothing there, then it is sadly less peachy. They do not care about you. They should start by paying their suppliers sometime. Their is ZERO customer service. If you are thinking of taking your 2nd hand clothes to these guys, beware of both of these things! Unfriendly and you wait weeks if not months for a response on a query. Not even once till this day have they ever on their own contacted me or updated me. I have always had to run after them for payment and feedback. #friendlyadvice

  3. Every time i have called, over the past 2 months, they say they are not taking any clothes for consignment. They are idiots, since they should at least look at what a seller has and then be more selective. Business people with zero brains for business.

  4. It’s a great concept, but the customer service/admin is terrible if you are a seller. I had to follow up with numerous emails to get paid. Their maths is terrible too! I’m not totally convinced I’ve been reimbursed for everything I sold through them

    1. Their admin could be improved yes, and as a seller you do need to keep on top of it to make sure you are getting your fair share. Thanks for the feedback.

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