My baby is 1! Well, she is actually 13 months now, and I cannot believe how she has grown and is a little person, with her own thoughts and feelings. It has been very special watching her learn and grow and as much as I wanted her to grow out of certain phases and reach developmental goals, I never wanted her to get older. Even though she won’t remember this birthday (and she slept through most of it) I wanted to celebrate it in girly style with family and friends. Instead of a theme I stuck to pinks, purples and white and kept to a budget by decorating with paper lanterns (R5 each in China Town), homemade cardboard bunting (thanks to sister Amy) and tissue paper balls. From a pack of tissue paper you can make 2 medium or 1 small and 1 large fluffy ball and is a nice alternative to balloons.

I rented a cake tin from Baker’s Den and baked a rocking horse cake which my mom-in-law taught me to decorate – so much easier than I thought it would be. My friend Simone made the cupcakes and mini cupcakes for the kiddies, the cookies were very popular and bought from Baker’s Den. I loved the idea of having a vase filled with marshmallows – it was cheap and looked good. The kiddies table was kiddie height and they could grab treats and my mom made eggy sandwiches. There were plenty of drinks for the adults and I bought Woolworths lasagnes, salad and breads which were polished off. To keep with the pink theme – I cut up watermelon and put it out as desert. Tip – ask a friend to take photos so you don’t miss out on any special moments. I had spent some time putting together a photo slideshow of Paige to put on the digital photo frame but forgot to switch it on during all the preparation of the party – so typical of me – if I don’t write it down I forget! I won’t lie – it was a lot of work – but everyone had fun and it turned out to be a relaxing afternoon and a memorable day.

Paige was spoilt with lovely presents and I was taught to always say thank you. Instead of handwritten cards (which I must admit are more personal and preferred) I sent an email card with a collage of photos. I spotted this magnet board and letters in the cupboard and thought that it would make a good message. What I hadn’t bargained on was Paige moving all the letters so it was impossible to get one good photo hence the collage which I like (if you hadn’t already noticed on my blog, I love photo collages). My tip if you want to do this – prestik the letters onto the board. You should check out my Pinterest page to see some more party ideas I found online.

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